13 Easy Things You Can Do To Motivate Your Sales Team

As a sales team leader, you can only be as effective as your sales team. To achieve greatness you must learn how to motivate every member of your team. Your brand will only grow if you have an inspired team that feels appreciated and a part of the company’s overall goal.
Top entrepreneurs identified these 13 ways to help inspire your sales team to success:
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Be transparent and flexible

When you are transparent as a leader, you facilitate problem resolution and build trust with your team. To add on the transparency, being flexible lets you lead and interact with every team member individually and differently based on their personality. When your sales team can get that from you, they tend to work with you more on the overall business goals.

Be personable and accessible

As a leader, the last thing you want to do is to be mean and unapproachable. If members of your sales team can approach on any issue without any form of coercion, it becomes easier for them to share information critical to the success of the business.

Show emotions

Working with people, you want to be seen as friendly, warm, and alive to the concerns of your sales team. Do not hesitate to share a smile or laugh with members of your team. Where there’s a positive emotion, new ideas emerge, and team members are more likely to come up with creative solutions to existing business problems.

Welcome participation

Involve the rest of your team in the growth strategy of your company. Create a business environment that inspires individual innovation, and make it clear that their thoughts would be absorbed into your growth strategy. Once they start believing themselves as a part of your business and its future, they’ll become inspired to push their limits.

Help them set goals

One way of achieving the purpose of your company is to encourage your team members to set their own goals in line with your company’s goals. To facilitate this, think of how you can provide guidance in setting individual goals. When your team members achieve individual goals, you achieve your overall business goals.

Encourage internal competition

Find a way of leveraging peer pressure, for example, you may choose to publicly post sales results or margins to challenge every team member to roll up their sleeves. When there’s healthy competition among team members, individual and business goals are achieved faster.

Promote personal growth

If your team, in some way, gets the impression that you’re only concerned by your personal goals as a team leader, they lose the oomph to push on through your company’s goals. This in turn harms the overall productivity of your company.

Organize brainstorming sessions

You need to hold team sessions and allow members to float ideas toward problem solving. This encourages a more open “sales” culture, which helps energize and motivate your team. Such group sessions benefit your company with constant new and innovative ideas. When your team initiates solutions to your business problems, it’s much easier for them to implement the resolution mechanisms as opposed to you channeling down the solutions.

Split up the sales process and set frequent goals

Instead of having one huge company goal, think of breaking up your sales process into smaller processes with smaller goals to be achieved independently. Your team is more motivated if it achieves its goals frequently, however small the goals could be. This means that they’ll be less frustrated or less disappointed when failing to accomplish their goals.

Incentivize the sales process

Ask anyone about motivation and money pops up. Consider passing to your team a bonus-based incentive as a reward for top performance. Such an incentive sparks competition among team members — competition to perform.

Provide strong leadership, but don’t micromanage

A good leader leads by example. If you can demonstrate what should be done, and do so exceptionally well, your team learns the importance of being personally connected to the sales process when building customer relationships.

Be decisive

As a leader, you instill confidence in your team members if you make timely decisions when there’s one to make. If you’re the kind of leader who postpones decision making when urgent decisions are required, your team will lose confidence in your leadership. As a result, they’ll be less motivated to keep chasing their individual goals, and your sales results will suffer.

Hold sales contests

You can boost your team’s motivation by organizing sales contests. As a team leader, you’ll need to come up with competition rules and specific goals to be attained at the end of these contests. These contests should seek to acquire new clients, overcome seasonal slumps, improve customer service, or increase sales volume. Consider rewarding top performers in these contests with gifts. As team members compete for these rewards, they accomplish your company’s goals.

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