5 Power Words and Phrases That Can Help you Close More Deals

Sales skills are mostly about communication. Being a great sales person means you always keep an open eye for opportunities to charm and connect to your prospects. Oftentimes, you have one shot to establish a deep communication level that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and show people why your business is the right choice for them.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to use that one shot and learn how to quickly and effectively approach your prospects.

While it’s not a bullet proof method, and there are no words that are guaranteed to convert prospects into customers, there are specific words and phrases that by using them you can increase your chances of closing a sale.

Here are 5 words and phrases you can take to your advantage and close more deals:

Use your prospect’s name

It’s a known fact that by mentioning a person’s name, you get their attention. Moreover, using a prospect’s name, shows you are thinking about them and see them as who they are and not just another number on your revenue.

Practice using personal names when chatting with your prospects. You’ll see how it makes a difference in getting attention, but more importantly, making your potential customers feel important. And that will help you close more deals.

“How can I help you?”

This phrase will get your prospect to share his needs and pains. You ask that question and then you stay quiet and listen.

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear what are the words your prospect use to describe his issues, later on, it will help you better express yourself and convey your message.


Working closely with people, you already know the power of words. Words can make the difference between two sentences with the same meaning but different connotation.

Opportunity is one of these words you can use when things are not working as planned. And they sure will, from time to time.

Instead of describing the situation with negative words such as problems or delays, describe it as an opportunity to make things go smoother. Will sound much better and give an optimistic point of view to the process.
On the other hand, when reminding the prospect enough times about the huge opportunity currently laid in-front of him, it will increase the sense of urgency and improve your chances of closing the deal.

“What’s causing you to hesitate?”

Eventually, you will get to a stage when your potential customer hesitation will strike. Don’t be afraid of this moment. It’s your opportunity to shine!

Firing up that question, allows you to better understand what’s causing your prospect to hesitate. Without asking, you’re left with guessing.. Knowing is much better, I’m sure we all can agree on that.

Listen carefully to your prospect, understand his goals and needs, his concerns and fears, and patiently addressed each one. When you’re done addressing all these, you’re in a much better position for your next step.


Your customers couldn’t care less about your products and features. It might be interesting as a small talk, but at the end of the day, your potential customers would like to know what’s in it for them. What is the value they’ll be getting from your solution and how it will make their life easier/better/more profitable etc.

Keep in mind that you or your product are the not the focal point. It’s all about the customer. Therefore, make sure you are very clear about how your offer will create real value to your potential customer.

To conclude it all, sales negotiations can be tricky at times. We can win or lose a deal in a blink of an eye, without even noticing, just by using the right (or wrong) vocabulary.
Pay attention to the words you’re choosing and always keep an open eye for your prospects body language. Being conscious to your potential customer, will help you by noticing when you’re facing an opportunity for closing, or about to lose the deal.

With the use of the right words, you can increase your chances to succeed and close more deals.

Images sources: Pablo, Pixabay, Giphy, Gifaday

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