5 Sales Tasks You Should Automate Today

Sales automation tools are defined as sales tools that can be used to automate and streamline the sales cycle. It does the tedious sales tasks on behalf of the sales reps and allows them to focus at the most important task on their agenda –Selling. 

There are variety of tools that helps sales people and sales teams to work better and increase sales revenue.

Some of them are simple and easy to implement, and some are complicated and sophisticated and will require the assistance of engineers and integrators in order to integrate with an existing work flow.

In todays post we’ll review simple and easy solutions that any sales rep can add by himself, for his personal use or on behalf of the entire team.

Updating Your CRM

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Sales reps are in it for the kill. They love interacting and selling and hate reporting and updating the CRM (In a previous post we talked about ‘Why sales people hate CRM softwares’).

However, the CRM has to be updated, therefore, sales reps need to update the CRM, wether they like it or not.

So, they can manually type the data and spend time and efforts on it, or they can use Sales Automation tools such as ONDiGO, which easily and seamlessly updates their CRM softwares for them.

Social Media Updates

Nowadays, you need to constantly post on the relevant social networks, in order to be found by potential customers.

It can be done manually, by constantly posting content between multiple social networks throughout the day. Another way and much simpler to achieve is to use a solution such as Buffer who lets you enter and schedule future posts into your Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn group accounts.

You’ll still need to monitor for comments and respond when necessary, but that’s really the easy part.

Lead Nurturing

It’s a known fact that we’re constantly bombarded with thousands of advertisements and commercials each day. Therefore, in order for leads to convert into qualified prospects they need to be nurtured.

Meaning, you need to constantly engage your potential customers, and only after multiple touch points – your prospect might be ready to purchase.

It can be done manually, by calling and emailing each and everyone of your leads, or you can use tools such as Intercom, which can help you automatically manage your relationship with each lead.

It’s up to you to decide how often to email them and what emails to send but using such a software will definitely help you ensure that a lead turns into a sale.

Mass Emails and Newsletters

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A few years ago, with the emergence of mobile devices and mobile notifications, there was a notion that emails became obsolete and not effective anymore. However, a few years passed and it seems that even with all the new technologies, emails are as relevant as ever. Maybe even more than ever.

Well, manually emailing your entire address book is almost impossible in terms of time effectiveness, and will probably won’t work very well.

Tools like Mailchimp, allows you to set up groups, such as prospects, leads or past customers, and write mass emails you can send out in one big batch. Furthermore, once a campaign is sent, you have great analytic tools which shows stats like who opened, when, what he clicked on the emails and much more.

Meeting Scheduler Automation

Scheduling a meeting time shouldn’t be hard. However, without the proper tools it can be really frustrating finding a time that works for everyone. And when talking about multi-member meetings, the issue becomes even worse.

Luckily, there are a few tools that tackle this obstacle, tools such as Meekan. These tools allows you to easily and effortlessly, set up meetings without all the usual (and time wasting) back and forth.


Obviously, all the tasks above can be done manually, but why waste precious time and efforts on simple tasks that technology advancements can solve for us, while getting better results?


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