5 Sales Tips to Get the Most Out of 2016

“If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting”. – Anonymous

This famous quote applies to everyday life and so it also applies to your sales process.

The year 2016 has already started and, unless you are fully satisfied with your 2015 sales results, it is time to act now.

The year has just begun which makes it the best time to make an action plan for the entire year. So, do not let this golden chance pass you by.

But, what areas should you focus on?

What creative and new ideas should you bring about?

To answer these questions, you need a few sales tips.

So, here are our five sales tips that will strengthen your sales funnel. Take a look.

#1 Deliver Value

Your prospective client might already be bombarded with tons of sales pitches from several businesses, including your competitors.

So, another sales pitch from your business will only cause your efforts to go in vain as the pitch will be thrown in the bin.

Thus, the best way to cut the clutter is by delivering value.

Provide prospective clients with the information that they are looking for or are not aware of and not just what you want to sell them.

This could be done in any format, such as an article, a copy of your latest white paper or even an eBook. And, if the information provided can open their eyes, then they are bound to become your customers.

Yet, you should make sure that the information you provide is not clubbed with your sales pitch, otherwise, it can create more damage than good.

#2 Stop Cold Calling

Cold Calling


No matter which industry you are in, you should cut yourself loose from cold calling practices. Here is why:

  • Cold calling is ineffective 90% of the time. – Harvard Business Review
  • Only 2% or even less than that can result in meetings. – Leap Job
  • It takes almost 6,264 calls to make four sales. – Simple Sales Tracking
  • It costs 60% more per lead than other sales methods. – HubSpot

Moreover, the majority of potential clients hate receiving cold sales calls. This is because they find it interruptive and irritating.

And, do you think an annoyed prospect would like to make a deal with you?

So, rather than opting for cold calling, take an alternate approach.

Such an approach could be social media marketing, search engine marketing or content marketing.

But, remember that just being on digital media or doing digital advertising will not generate huge sales leads for you.

To make it work for you, you must first focus on developing a compelling and stolid strategy.

#3 Keep Ill-Fitting Clients out

Every sales manager has a sweet spot and so do you. But, they might at times try to extend their customer outreach outside of their comfort zone to hit the target; but, that is not a good idea.

Bringing in complicated customers will end up costing you more as you need to dedicate specialized additional resources and spend countless hours of configuration and implementation time on such customers.

Moreover, a complicated customer is more likely to churn anyway. So, rather focus on high quality prospects and not ill-fitting ones.

#4 Give Attention to Overlooked Customers


Retaining existing clients is much easier and cheaper than acquiring new clients. So, this year, make a point of focusing more on your existing customers to explore up-sell opportunities.

But do not just focus on large customers. Rather give attention to the smaller accounts as well, because often a small account can have massive potential.

Also, do not just stick to emails. Rather pick up the phone occasionally and talk to your existing clients directly.

Just because you made them feel special, they might discuss their other projects which may open new sales opportunities for you.

#5 Work Backwards to Prospecting

Every year, you might be focusing more on the top of the sales funnel to generate leads. But you should do the opposite this year.

Note down your quota and then work backwards to prospecting. For example, you can do it as follows:

  • Step 1: Identify the average sales price first.
  • Step 2: Find out how many deals you need to close, using the average sales price to hit your quota.
  • Step 3: Figure out the number of opportunities you need in your pipeline each month to close that number of customers.
  • Step 4: Then calculate the number of leads you require to work on to generate that number of opportunities.

Try this and you will definitely see improved results. However, be consistent to make it work for you.

So, what are your sales tips that you think could help transform a sales manager to a sales rock star this year? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!



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