5 Things to Remember When You Are On a Sales Call

“Is your sales call so valuable that your client would write a check for your visit?” – Neil Rackham

Has that ever happened to you?

Research shows that today it takes eight attempts to reach a prospect compared to 3.68 times in 2007. And, it takes 6.25 hours for a salesperson to set one appointment.

So, reaching a prospect is not a piece of cake.

And, after such hard work, if the prospect still does not buy your products or services, will the effort you put in matter?

So, it is critically important that you do not let even a single opportunity go.

And, this is only possible when you can make such calls valuable enough that it can influence the prospect to make a decision right away or at least express interest in buying your products or services.

But, how can you do that and what do you need to remember to ensure positive results?

These questions will be answered in this article. So, read on to find out.

#1 Trash Boring IntroductionsBooring copy

Avoid initiating the sales call with cliché openings, such as:

  • “Is this is a good time to chat?”
  • “How are you doing today?”
  • “Could I have a few minutes of your time?”

Rather start with an unexpected opener or with humor, such as:

  • “Joseph? This is Ohad from ONDiGO…”
  • “Have I caught you at a bad moment?”
  • “Seems like you are busy, are you sure this is not a bad time?”

This can open up an engaging conversation.


Well, from the prospect’s point of view, it is always a bad time to receive such calls. So, when you recognize this upfront, it will sound refreshing.

Moreover, this could give a laugh to the prospect, which will help you build a rapport.

Alternatively, the prospect might reply with “but what have you got?” or “but what is up?” which means that you have got permission to proceed.

#2 Set a Clear Agenda

As soon as you make the call, set a clear agenda and ask the prospects whether it is fine with them. This will help you keep the call on track, achieve what you want to accomplish and make the prospect feel in control of the conversation.

You can follow the structure given below:

  • Express gratitude for being on the call.
  • Talk in brief what you will cover.
  • Encourage questions.
  • Ask whether the agenda sounds fine to the prospect.

#3 Let the Prospect Talk Moreperson-woman-hand-smartphone

Always be respectful of your prospect’s time and do not bombard him or her with the features and benefits of your products or services.

Yes, you have to discuss these, but do not overdo it. Instead, let the prospect do more of the talking.

There are two benefits of this strategy:

  • You will get to learn more about their pain points and needs so that you can position your product or services accordingly.
  • If the prospect talks more, he or she will not hang up, which is often why such calls do not turn into successes.

#4 Do Not Answer Objections Beforehand

Salespeople often make the mistake of answering objections on their own, even before the prospect has objected.

Do not make the same mistake.

If the customer has not raised an issue, he or she might not have any or realized one.

So, if you mention objections, you are simply appearing defensive and raising a problem that the prospect did not even know existed.

#5 Avoid Negotiation800px-Kerry_and_Lavrov,_with_senior_advisers,_negotiate_chemical_weapons_agreement_on_September_14,_2013

Try to avoid negotiating over the call. This is because you are not having a face-to-face conversation with the prospect and can thus not use body language as an aid in the negotiations.

But, if you really have to negotiate, do not make it quick just because you are on the phone. Make sure that your tone of voice is the same as you do in negotiations that you do in person and pause at times.

Wrapping Up

Although the above mentioned points are the primary ways of increasing the chances of success, there are several other ways as well. These include the following:

  • Use descriptive words.
  • Limit the background noises.
  • Start with using the prospect’s name.
  • Use open-ended questions.
  • Be full of energy and speak with enthusiasm.

So, what strategies do you follow to make your sales call successful? Please drop your comments below; I’d love to hear from you.


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