5 Tips to Increase Your Sales Performance

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises” – Mae West.

This is very true!

After all, it is your performance that counts and it is your sales activities that drive the results.

But, gone are the days when old-school sales techniques were considered a groundbreaking approach. Today, new competitors evolve and products identical to yours are released in the blink of an eye.

So, what worked well for you a couple of years ago may no longer be effective.

You need to come up with more and better techniques to improve your sales performance. That is the only key to your survival.

To make this easier, we list five techniques that should help you improve your sales performance in today’s competitive arena.

#1 Have a Clear Mission

You might have a mission set already, but if it does not help you sell, then it is ineffective. So, you need to fine-tune it to make it work for you.

Whether you need to revamp your mission or plan to have one, initiate the process by understanding your business niche.

You need to get answers to the following questions to get your mission statement right:

  • What are you best at doing?
  • Who needs your services?
  • What is your best approach to such prospects?
  • How much are your potential customers willing to pay?

If you cannot answer these questions easily, you need more clarity on your mission.

#2 Set GoalsGoalss

Setting your missing is one thing, but, if you do not set your goals right and measure your results, then you will never know where you need to improve.

And, if you do not know what to improve, you will never know how to improve on it.

The best way to go about this is to set activity goals that you can control. Such goals include:

  • Proposals per month,
  • Calls per day, and
  • Referrals per call.

You can then set your result goals, such as to measure your progress. Such goals include:

  • Monthly sales,
  • Deal size, and
  • Profit per sale.

Such goals will boost your activity and measure the outcome. Also, goals will keep you energized, focused and attentive.

#3 Understand Your Buyers’ Needs

Nobody wants to be sold, but they always want to buy.

We are living in the age of consumerism when people look for the easiest, fastest, and greatest quality solutions to their problems. And, here you need to capitalize on their needs.

You need to understand your buyers’ exact needs and mindset and then tailor your strategy accordingly to cater to their requirements.

Customers are more educated than ever before. So, any brute force techniques will no longer work.

Leverage the complexity of the modern environment to offer valuable thought leadership that will lead to more lead closures.

#4 Make Your Pitch Interactivegiphy

Traditional sales pitches do not work anymore.

You need to know about your customers, before you can address them with solutions. This will help you make a dynamic pitch that sells.

Also, make your pitch interactive.

Ask thoughtful questions and get into an active conversation with your prospects. This will build trust and the prospects will likely buy your product or services.

Remember, customers do not buy from just anyone. They prefer to buy from someone whom they can trust and you will only be that person if you make an engaging pitch.

#5 Listen Carefully

Listening is the key to success and this is also true in sales.

If you do not listen to your prospects carefully, then you will never know what they really want and you cannot sell your products to them. Also, you would never be able to improve your sales performance in this way.

Follow the 80-20 rule.

You should talk about your product or services only 20% of the time and devote the rest of the time (80%) to the customer by asking questions, listening to them talk about themselves, and answering your inquiries.

This would also help you figure out the pain point which you can tap to present your product as a problem solver.

So, how do you improve sales performance? Please share your experience below and thanks for reading!



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