5 Tips to Writing a Killer Sales Email

Being a sales person, you don’t me to tell you how important are emails nowadays, generally in business and particularly in sales.
Most of sales conversations today take place over email, therefore it’s extremely important to master proper sales email technique.

Below are 5 tips for writing better sales emails. Adapting them into your work process will help improve communication with your prospects and close more deals.

Have a call to action

I’ll start with the most important one (in my opinion).
You should always have a call to action in a sales letter. And keep it short!

The reason for having a call to action is simple, by telling people exactly what you want them to do, you leave no room for error. Furthermore, it gives you a reason to followup on your email later on.

The call to action should be simple and easy to understand, something like: “Call me for a free trial” or “Fill the enclosed form to get into our beta”.

Oh, and one last very important tip, have one call to action. More than one call to action creates confusion..

Add a signature

And while you’re at it, it’s probably best to add a tagline to your email signature. All business email providers allow adding automatic signatures to emails.

Your signature should have your contact details, such as: email, telephone, website, Linkedin ( you can add a few more, but make it’s not too long ) and your tagline.

Basically it’s very simple, but if you’d like to dive into this, check these common email signature mistakes.

A little humor never hurts

Humor makes everything lighter and easier.

Adding humor to an email ( especially to sales emails ) will help you better connect to your prospects. It will bring a smile to their faces and help them relax and lower their defense. By doing that, your chances of succeeding are much better.

Keep it short (and simple)

Well, that’s one of the basic truths of business world in general. It’s called the KISS Principle.

Specifically to sales emails, the importance of this tip is even increased.

Shorter emails result in quicker response time. Think about yourself. What would be easier for you to reply to, a 1000 words email or a 40 words email? I’m sure the answer is obvious.

Keeping it short also makes it easier to have a clear and simple call to action. More words, more room for confusion or error..

Add a PS

Don’t know why, but people are drawn to the P.S. line.

Make sure that your PS provides value and is easy to understand. Don’t take it lightly as it may be the only line that your prospects will read. If you got them intrigued, then they may actually read the rest of the email.

To conclude, writing killer sales emails is crucial ability to a sales person nowadays. It’s not an art, but a technique.

You too can learn and improve to write short, focused and converting sales emails by sticking to simple rules and get better results immediately. Any questions? No? Great, now go write a few sales emails! 🙂

Image sources: Pablo by Buffer,Wikipedia

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Ohad Oren

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