6 Effective Communication Tips to get “too busy” clients to meet with you

With the age of computerised communication having taken the lead almost entirely, the power of face-to-face meetings has become heavily underestimated. Yet nothing can replace personal conversations, where the presence of an electronic middleman is eliminated. After all, sometimes it is the only way to convince your client about being a reliable business partner. Therefore, if your client continues to unceasingly reject your request to meet you in person, consider using a few of these tricks to successfully change their mind.

1. Make it all about them

It is you who tries to organise a meeting, and the client who makes a decision to say yes or no. That is why it is also in your hands to convince them you are worthy of their time. The easiest, and most effective, way of achieving this is by making the client’s convenience your top priority. When attempting to arrange a meeting, make your conversation revolve around the potential gains they could get from your cooperation, leaving out your own interests.

2. Trigger the client’s basic needs

The key to get noticed is showing that you have everything they could ever want. Research the client’s background, professional interests and field of work, and go from there. By doing this, you will be able to express your genuine determination to help them succeed in what they care about the most. Stressing the fact that you are the person who is capable of changing their situation can have outstanding results.

3. Emphasise your experience

If you have been involved in the industry for some time now, chances are you have gained extensive experience. Thus, it is a sensible idea to look into your own work history and single out cases in which you have succeeded, and which are similar to that of your client. Be prepared to answer detailed questions about your previous endeavours, and provide data on how effective you actually were.

4. Let the client in on your plans

To tickle their curiosity, during your email conversation or phone talk mention a few concepts that you have in mind. Don’t share too many details, though – you don’t want anyone to steal your ideas. Apart from that, by giving the client only a sneak peek of your abilities, you will make them look forward to finding out more about how you can potentially help their case.

5. Promise to add an extra

Each bigwig of any industry is set on gaining new knowledge in the field. Use it to your advantage and offer to not only present your idea or advertise your services, but also share some tricks of the trade. When the client finds out it’s a two-way deal and you are not just trying to sell your product, but also give something in return, they will be more likely to submit.

6. Stand out from the crowd

The last thing you want is for your invitation to get lost in a flood of similar offers. To make a lasting impression you need to be unique and original, though not extravagant. The smartest move is to adjust the message to your professional relationship with the client and the main subject of the meeting. Ideally, you could make use of your knowledge of persuasion techniques to both appeal to the client and get your point across.

Failing to bring a few simple and effective communication tips to life could be make-or-break for your business endeavour. Thus, we recommend you take the above advice to heart and try it out in practice. With such a solid base and a bit of luck you are bound to win that long-awaited meeting. Good luck!

Nicole Davies is online content executive at ShortCourseFinder, a website providing a simple way to find and sign up for online short courses from Australia’s top providers. Main areas of her interest are content marketing and social media campaigns.

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Kathryn Mager

Kathryn is a communications and marketing specialist who previously worked for companies such as Disneyland and ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG.

4 thoughts on “6 Effective Communication Tips to get “too busy” clients to meet with you”

  1. Thanks for the terrific post, Kathryn,

    I don’t mean to get all ‘old-timer’ on you, but it is extremely good to see that a younger person recognizes the power of actual face-to-face meetings–instead of Facebook to Facebook or Twit to Twit communication.

    Much deeper and much more MUTUALLY profitable relationships are the result. I trust you have a huge following!

  2. Kathryn, I agree with Steve, people have gotten away from that actual face to face, the actual interacting. I still feel that we need that, even though there are so many tech ways to interact, nothing beats that good ole marketing tool of meeting that person.

    1. Thanks for your comment Deanna!
      I totally agree with you, nothing can replace meeting in person.

      Technology can definitely shorten distances and help us be more productive with our time, however, by meeting face to face you can really connect, interact and eventually, sell to your prospects.

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