6 Salesforce Hacks for Sales Success

As a sales professional, you are always on the lookout for new tips to improve your sales efficiencies, right?

Well, it is all about how you can leverage more out of your Salesforce platform to get more success as a sales professional.

You would also already be involved in targeting potential leads with your product marketing and promotion strategies. However, you will be amazed to learn that a few tweaks to the process by which you are handling Salesforce could result in far better results for your business.

There is no “best” Salesforce tip for increasing sales that works for all.

You need to constantly keep experimenting by implementing a number of Salesforce hacks and then track the results.

So, in this article, we focus on the top Salesforce hacks that are more likely to get a considerable increase in your sales.

Tracking Your Lead Sources for Best and High Value Leads

You will agree that “conversion” is the most important thing for you.

You are always looking out for the number of converted leads that have resulted from your various marketing strategies. After all, more conversions mean more sales, which ultimately lead to more profits for your business.

The common approach is to track the sources that give you more leads and accordingly target your remarketing tactics towards those sources for better conversion.

You would already be doing that as a sales and marketing professional.

But, what is the point in aiming your marketing strategies at sources that convert only a small percentage of the leads? Especially even if the total lead count is too high..

It would prove immensely helpful if you give more importance to those sources that give you the best leads.

After all, quality is more important than quantity.

In short, focus your attention on sources that give you leads that convert better and at a faster pace. It is not as though you should not target sources that give you the maximum number of leads with less conversion.

You can still do that, but you need to apply more resources towards those sources that give you the best converting leads.

Apart from this, you also need to track the value of your leads that get converted.

For example, a particular source may be giving you very few leads, but those leads might be worth multiple times the value of the leads generated from other sources.

So, there may be certain sources which are getting ignored due to the generation of very few leads even though the revenue generated by their conversion provides a big boost to your business.

You also need to keep looking out for your target customers from such sources and devise smart marketing plans for them.

Maintain a Strong Customer Relationship to Stay Updated About Any Contact Changescontact

One of the major reasons for using Salesforce is customer relationship management, right?

Well, that is not a new Salesforce hack, as you already know.

However, it is important to regularly keep in touch with your customers by sending them emails once in a while. You would already be doing it for any products or services or events organized by your business.

Now, just imagine a scenario where one of your most regular customers suddenly stops buying your products.

You try to reach out to this customer via phone, but there is no response. Would that be a permanent loss to your business?

It may happen that the customer’s phone number has changed and that the customer is unable to inform you as all your emails received earlier were “no-reply” emails.

To avoid such scenarios, it helps if you get the contact details verified or updated by your customers on a regular basis.

This is possible by making use of the “Stay-in-Touch” feature available in Salesforce.

It enables you to send emails to your customers which contains a summary of their Salesforce contact details and allows them to quickly adjust or update the details online.

In case of any modifications, you will be able to accept them and apply them in Salesforce easily.

Offer More Convenience to Your Customers


Customer satisfaction is the prime goal for you as it would mean repeat sales and more profits.

For this purpose, you need to offer convenient ways to your customers for contacting you for product requests or service requests.

One such way is through web forms in Salesforce. These forms empower you to integrate your business website into the CRM.

Filling out forms is one of the simplest things to do. Through the implementation of web forms, your customers can easily request information for various products and services.

These requests are directly sent to Salesforce in the form of a lead. The relevant representative in your team then receives that request as directed by the assignment rules in Salesforce.

The main purpose of providing such an easy process is to encourage your customers to seek more information as and when they need it. This will make them feel more important and they are bound to make use of this feature sooner rather than later.

Track Prospective or Existing Customer Accounts without Any Sales Activity in the Recent Past

As part of customer relationship management, you are expected to keep following up with your customers on a regular basis.

However, it may not be possible to manually remember and time such follow-ups frequently. This may result in some customers being ignored.

You may then one day find that many customers made their last purchase several months ago. It is thus important to keep track of the last sales activity for every customer’s account.

This will enable you to follow up with the customers at timely intervals to ensure that there is no large gap between the sales obtained from them. 

This is also important when you are targeting prospective customers. You need to keep following up with them and offer them more choices to influence their purchasing decisions.

For both these scenarios, you can use Salesforce to report and track the last activity observed on the accounts of your customers. It is vital to understand the status of the sales process at different stages.

You can use standard fields or custom fields to keep track of the last sales activity for Salesforce accounts.

For example, a standard field such as “Last Activity Date” reveals information about accounts for which the last sales activities were recorded within a particular time period.

Similarly, you can get a custom field such as “Last Activity Days” created. This field can inform you about the number of days that have passed since the last activity.

Increase Your Salesforce Efficiency through the Salesforce1 App and Customer Platform


This is the age of the mobile revolution. With mobility fast becoming a need even at workplaces, Salesforce1 could be your ideal ally. This customer platform helps you connect all your devices and apps with customer data.

You can create and deploy apps using APIs offered by Salesforce1. You can even sell your products and implement sales strategies while you are on the move with improved compatibility with mobile tools and devices.

The Salesforce1 mobile app helps you manage leads, opportunities and accounts in Salesforce right from your mobile device.

You can easily improve your efficiency with this app and make sure that your entire sales team has it installed.

Reinforce Sales Processes with the Configuration of Opportunity Stages

Having a structured approach for your sales processes will eventually help you achieve more sales. The positive results may be visible over a long-term period.

For this purpose, you may measure the progress of an opportunity for a potential customer in a uniquely structured manner.

This can be achieved by maintaining an effective correlation between the opportunity stages and the progressive steps of your sales processes.

By doing so, you can unlock key potential functions. One of these functions would be to assign weight age to the forecast category “Pipeline”, depending on the stage of the sales process.

Another is the possibility to identify trends that reveal the stages that require more time. Another function that will be enabled is the ability to report the number of opportunities as well as their types according to the different stages.

All in all, you can provide a major boost to your sales processes and make them more structured by configuring the opportunity stages.

We hope that the above Salesforce hacks add more value to your existing sales and marketing strategies. The objective is to increase sales and you are likely to see the positive impact with these hacks.

If you have tried any other great Salesforce hacks, please feel free to share them below.

Image Sources: Pixabay, hpc-asia, Salesforce 

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