6 Salesforce Training Hacks that Every Sales Manager Should Know

Are you running an enterprise that relies heavily on Salesforce?

If so, then you continuously need to look for different ways to get the best out of Salesforce.

A good way to get the most out of Salesforce is to ensure that your sales team receives the appropriate training for its use.

In this article, we go through six Salesforce training hacks that could be useful for your sales team.

#1 Lay Equal Focus on Quick Onboarding and Continuous Learning

Your sales staff should have mandatory ongoing training sessions. This should continue even after they have undergone “onboarding” training.

This is because no sales professional will remember everything from the training sessions that he or she may have received at the beginning.

Also, it makes sense for them to attend short training sessions (classroom training or e-learning). During these short sessions, they can revisit some of the concepts learned earlier.

It will furthermore help them look at some real-life sales scenarios, with which they can easily relate.

#2 Initiate Internal Group Training and Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Your sales team is likely to consist of a mix of outstanding sales reps and average sales reps.

Those who are outstanding, close a lot more sales than the average sales reps, who just about manage to reach their targets. So, you need to identify a team of sales champions who can share useful tips to get more out of the Salesforce system.

This could be done during internal group training sessions on a regular basis.

Such training sessions need to focus on those sales processes which were actually unsuccessful for some of the sales reps.

The experts can identify the gaps and point out key tips on how to close the sales the next time, if a similar scenario occurs.

#3 Avoid Long Training Sessions

It’s better if you don’t organize long training sessions that are likely to block your sales resources for two to three days. Such sessions could even share too much information at once.

It may thus be impossible for your sales reps to remember all that is taught during such long training courses.

You should rather expose them to short training sessions every once in a while. During such session, limited information can be shared.

You can even give them access to useful Salesforce tips and case-study-based e-learning courses. They can access these whenever they want to.

You can also share a list of Salesforce related FAQs that your sales staff is likely to encounter. This can be done while you deal with their prospects or opportunities.

#4 Accumulate Information for Salesforce Training Material Database

You should maintain a database of all the Salesforce training material. You should then encourage your sales staff to add information (post validation) based on their real-life experiences.

For example, a sales rep may have tried a new Salesforce customization technique that helped him or her close a sales deal. Such tips need to be included in the training material.

This way the other sales reps could benefit from even small innovations that helped others achieve success.

#5 Motivate Your Sales Reps to Contribute to the Salesforce Training

Most sales reps are already occupied with their own work and targets. So, some may not be very keen to spend time at training sessions to share knowledge that could benefit others.

So, you need to encourage your sales team to participate in the training. For example, they could be a trainer or contribute to the Salesforce training material database.

This could be done by rewarding the contributors and trainers with points, which they can redeem at the end of a specific period for some holidays or monetary rewards.

#6 Ensure that the Right Stuff Is Taught or Accessible to the Right Sales Reps

In a large organization, it may be difficult to keep tabs on who is learning what in your sales team. So, you need to make sure that your sales team only has access to the training material that is relevant to them.

This will make it easy for them to find the right information at the right time. They will also not need to receive training which is not useful to them till they reach a certain level in the organization.

Do you have any Salesforce training hacks to share? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!


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