7 Salesforce Productivity Tricks for Smarter Sales

How do you aim to multiply the sales for your business?

Your likely answer would be “by improving Salesforce productivity”…right?

As a professional sales rep, you would already know that increasing Salesforce productivity is easier said than done.

Many enterprises use Salesforce for CRM and improved sales management, but not all businesses are able to get the desired results.

It is good to have the tool, but it requires precise execution and knowledge to get the most out of it.

So, in this article, we go through the top tips for Salesforce productivity that lead to more conversions and sales.

The objective is to make you aware about the various Salesforce productivity tricks that can be implemented by you for your business.

#1 Make Use of the Right Tools


You need to develop a habit within your team for using tools to keep every sales representative organized.

For example, a tool like Kanban Flow can be used to keep track of your work progress and to collaborate with others in your sales team.

Kanban Flow makes use of the Pomodoro technique to schedule your tasks bound by time limits. Such tools enable you to save a lot of time at work to focus more on the Salesforce tasks on hand.

#2 Aims for a Single Point of Access for Sales Content

It is observed that many enterprises try to go to a single centralized location to store their sales content from where their teams can enjoy easy access.

However, this requires a lot of effort and continuous maintenance. So, the ideal would be to gain a single point of access for your sales team to all the sales content of your organization.

This will enable your team to access the content easily, irrespective of where it is stored. You should preferably try to use cloud storage services for this approach to access at any time and place.

#3 Use Workflows Effectively

As part of your sales profile, you would be expected to follow up with your leads and prospects several times a month until you receive a firm answer from them.

If you are one of those Salesforce users who assign a specific time and date for such tasks, then you are doing this in an unproductive way. This is because Salesforce allows you the flexibility to create workflows.

You can make note of the typical responses expected from your prospects and create the workflow for every common response accordingly. The action points could be set for you and your team to follow up based on the stage of the workflow. In this way, you can choose to be more productive.

#4 Reduce Time-Specific Tasks

Many sales professionals have the common habit of committing a date and time for the next call with a prospect. This results in your daily list of tasks containing too many time-bound activities.

This then leads to several uncompleted tasks because you have to leave your current task midway when the time for a call arrives.

To avoid these situations, you can attempt to not commit to a date or time for a call and instead state that you will get back to them (prospects). Such activities can then be included in your Salesforce workflow.

#5 Arrange Knowledge Sharing Sessions


Every sales team has a few smart people who like to use productivity tools or keyboard shortcuts to be more productive.

You need to arrange some knowledge sharing sessions of your Salesforce users within your enterprise to ensure that all such useful tricks and tips are shared.

#6 Get Comprehensive Sales Workflow Information with Dashtab

Dashtab is a Salesforce app that makes using Salesforce a lot easier through a user-friendly interface. With this app, you will get access to a whole sales workflow.

You can then view all your leads, qualifiers, statuses, cadences and contact information from a single tab. The single tab thus helps you view, log and prioritize leads. It will eventually help you save time and money.

#7 Use the TinderBox Salesforce App

TinderBox helps you speed up your sales process through tracking, notifications, and analytics for your proposals, quotes, and contracts and so on. It enhances visibility by tracking engagements and pushing data back to Salesforce.

So, what productivity tricks do you use? Do you have any questions or points to add here?


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