8 Productivity Secrets for Sales Managers

“Sales cure all”

– Mark Cuban.

This epic statement is still 100% true across all industries, but making a sale is not easy.

According to Aberdeen, about 66% of sales professionals do not meet their annual sales quota.

So, the key to sales success lies in productivity. Therefore, the sales manager and sales team’s productivity should be a top priority.

But, what productivity secrets should you know about and with what should you start?

Read on to find out what these top sales productivity secrets are.

#1 Go for Automation

According to a report, more than 2/3 of sales people’s time is spent doing unproductive admin tasks. An average sales professional update 300 CRM records every week.

That is a productivity killer.

A sales rep’s job is to focus on selling and not performing admin functions.

So, the best way is to go for automation.

By automating the sales workflow, you can save hours of time, leaving the sales reps open to focus on what they have been hired for: making sales.

#2 Set Your Training Process Right16520442071_a988c3078b_z

According to Aberdeen research, it could cost around $30,000 and take almost seven months to fully on-board and train a sales rep.

That is not all.

The shocking part is that 87% of training content can be forgotten within weeks!

That means that, even though a significant amount of time and money have been spent, the ROI would be negligible.

Can you afford that?

So, you should have on-boarding tools in place that can make it easier for your team to learn about the complexity of your product and services.

Also, identify sales reps that do not have the right skills to be successful and provide all the kinds of training they need.

Regular training can result in almost 500% higher net sales per salesperson. So, can you leave that part out?

#3 Remove Silo Mentality

Often, sales and marketing departments work against each other and do not work together. They do not properly communicate which often leads to missed opportunities and lost revenues.

So, make sure that both departments have shared goals and always communicate to avoid any disconnects, as this damages productivity heavily.

Such collaboration can increase the win rate by 15% and 25% in quota achievements.

#4 Go for Social Sellinginternet-1280259_640

Social selling is the way to go, as it helps you engage more intelligently with the buyers.

It should be part of every stage of the sales process, from making connections to prospecting to customer service.

Social media also helps you learn more about your prospects.

For example, you could learn about their company activities, pain points, and industry updates. This enables you to drive an engaging and meaningful conversation.

#5 Measure and Analyze

You cannot improve productivity if you do not measure and analyze your productivity gains and results.

So, have proper metrics in place, such as sales cycle length, pipeline conversion rates, and win rates, to ensure your team is on the right track.

By analyzing every sales rep’s activity, you can derive valuable insights that could help you uncover opportunities for improvement.

#6 Embrace Sales Productivity ToolsScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.29.18 PM

There are several types of tools available that you could implement to help your sales team do their job efficiently and effectively.

An example is sales enablement tools.

Such tools help to align marketing processes and goals and can then empower your sales team with the right content and tools to improve sales activities and drive revenue.

#7 Celebrate Achievements

Everyone loves to be recognized and so too do your sales reps.

So, no matter how small or big deal has been closed by a sales rep, always appreciate and celebrate their achievements.

This would push your team to improve their productivity to achieve more rewards and recognition.

#8 Deliver what Customers Really Need8127253723_c8efbab8f8_z

You first need to understand what your customers really need and avoid bombarding them with your traditional pushy pitches.

Ask your customers questions that will help you identify their requirements better and deliver your message as a problem solving solution.

This would attract the potential customer’s attention and influence them to act upon it.

So, which productivity secrets do you think is most important? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!


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