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8 Tips to Accelerate Sales Performance

You will agree that nothing…not even your sales performance should remain stagnant…not even if you are able to meet your targets consistently.

So, you should always be looking for ways to fast track your sales performance.

But, what steps can be followed to accelerate your sales performance?

Well…there is no solution that works for all.

So, you should always try different tips and tricks to learn what works for you.

To help you do this, let us take a look at some of the best tips for improving your sales performance and productivity.

#1 Seek Feedback for Changes to Evolve Gradually

Apart from waiting for your performance feedback on a yearly or half-yearly basis, actively seek feedback from your peers and seniors. This will help you work on your weak areas and improve continuously.

Also, encourage group feedback and knowledge sharing sessions for lots of new ideas to be shared. This will enable you to improve individually and even as a group.

#2 Keep Measuring Your Goals

GoalYou need to develop a habit of measuring your performance regularly, in addition to the measurement of your entire team’s performance.

With accurate metrics reporting and analysis, using CRM tools like Salesforce, you will have a clear idea about your goals. Typically, you would measure metrics like upsell rate, win or loss ratio and cross-sell.

Additionally, you also need to track activities like the number of calls, follow-ups, meetings, leads, and referrals. All this will help you enhance your goals for improved performance continuously each time.

#3 Reduce the Time Spent on Unproductive Tasks

You need to keep track of the time you spend on various activities every month that leads to successful conversions. It is equally important to track the time you spend on activities that do not add value to your prospects or customers.

You can rather use this time on tasks that have been productive for you in the past.

#4 Celebrate Every Win to Stay Motivated

CelebrationIt may not be possible for your senior sales professionals to reward the sales reps for each win (successful conversions).

However, you can initiate a trend in your team where every win (your own win as well as the wins of every sales rep in your team) is celebrated in a small way.

This will keep everyone motivated to keep working harder to increase their sales count.

#5 Keep Developing Your Support Tools

There are different kinds of tools, such as activity scorecards, territory plans, lead generation and strategy worksheets that you may be using during your sales process.

It is necessary to keep developing new ways to use them and to even start using new tools that can further improve your sales productivity.

#6 Seek Coaching and Training Opportunities

CoachingIf your organization is not already providing you with coaching and training facilities for better learning, then you can seek this kind of opportunities.

You need to keep growing and learning the best skills to have more sales and better revenue for your business.

This is possible by seeking guidance and coaching from seniors as well as appearing for any relevant online sales courses.

#7 Maintain Clear Communication and Transparency

You need to establish clear communication not only with your peers and seniors, but also with your prospects and customers.

Be transparent and make sure that everyone understands what you are trying to communicate.

If there are any issues, highlight them as you never know what help can arrive from any corner. If you are honest in your communication, your customers would also be able to trust you easily which will result in strong long-term customer relationships.

#8 Look for Ways to Convert More Prospects

It is obvious that you would mostly focus on prospects that are likely to be converted into customers for your business. However, it is highly unlikely that you would achieve 100% success with them. If you want to improve gradually, you will have to evaluate the reasons why some likely prospects failed to convert. Once you have found the reasons, you can work on those aspects of your sales process and convert more prospects in the future.

So, how do you improve your sales performance? Do you have any questions or points to add here?


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