Tiny CRM on a Budget

A good customer base is a small company’s most valuable asset. Customer retention is one of the major drivers of a company’s growth and plays an important role in establishing a reliable bottom line. In fact, Gartner Research just revealed that 80% of a company’s initial revenue comes from 20% of its existing customers. Continue reading Tiny CRM on a Budget

ONDiGO is honored to be selected as a finalist in the Meffy Awards in Mobile Technologies!

The 11th annual Meffys competition is taking place now and it’s just been announced…we have made it into the finals!

This is a big honor to be nominated as a finalist in the Meffy Awards! We are excited to be among some other great companies who have also made it to the top: App Annie, DocuSign, Microsoft Mobile, and SwiftKey just to name a few.

It’s a big event happening every year, accepting applications from startups around the world for different categories such as Big Data, Mobile Service, Social Responsibility, etc. Meffys had over 250 entries this year from 30 countries that applied for 13 different categories. There is an international independent judging panel made up of VCs, analysts, academics and journalists and only 5 companies are selected to move on into the final round from each category to be judged and awarded as the #1 in their category.

It’s one of the biggest “international awards for measuring success and rewarding innovation across the mobile ecosystem” and ONDiGO has been selected!

The winners for each category will be announced at a special gala event in San Franciso on November 19 as part of the MEF Global Forum 2014. Keep your fingers crossed! San Francisco….here we come! 🙂


Image ref: MEFFY Finalists announcement article

High Tech Startups to Compete in the Finals

Guess what? Ernst & Young hosted a competition for high tech startups to pitch their business.

Out of 200 high tech startups, 20 were selected to compete in the Ernst & Young Journey 2014 Pitch competition. Only 7 were chosen to move on to the finals.

ONDiGO is a finalist!!! We are really excited about this opportunity!

Yoni – ONDiGO’s awesome CEO – will be presenting ONDiGO at the finals on October 30th as part of the Ernst & Young – “Globes” Journey Convention!

There are 7 high tech start ups in this final round and the winning company will go on to a road show in Silicon Valley, get special meetings with investors and managers, and will get to participate in IBM’s global SmartCamp competition!

The Pitch is sponsored by Ernst & Young, IBM, and Canaan Partners. The judges include angel investor Tal Barnoach, Wix.com Ltd. Co-founder and CEO Avishay Abrahami, ironSource founder and CEO Tomer Bar-Zeev, and the audience itself using a special app.

This is an amazing opportunity and we have our users to thank for constantly helping us improve ONDiGO to be the best mobile CRM on the market! Thanks guys!

Wish us luck as we get ready for the big day!

ONDiGO User Video Review – Feeling the Love!

Hey guys,

I just came across this awesome user review video by D on YouTube.

D – just want to say a big thank you for sharing! You made our day! 🙂

Everyone – check it out!



4 New Technologies To Help You Better Connect With Clients And Customers

Technology has made it easier than ever to communicate, which is great news for businesses everywhere. No longer do you have to search in different places, with different passwords for things like email and voicemail. You don’t have to search blindly and hope to find every communication that is occurring about your business.

There are ways to know what your customers are saying, and use that information on an individual level, and in a larger scope to make marketing decisions. Make sure that your business is taking advantage of the opportunities afforded it by advancements in technology.  (Guest Post)


Continue reading 4 New Technologies To Help You Better Connect With Clients And Customers

How to Follow-Up On Sales Leads

Industry standards show that almost 50% of sales leads are not pursued.  From a business-minded standpoint, that’s pretty low.  Imagine all the lost revenue!

Although customers can be indecisive in their purchasing decisions, not having the determination to follow up on a possible lead is the quickest way to ensure that you and your business never receive that prospective sale. Even when the leads are followed up on and the customer still decides to back out, sales associates make sure to correct any mistakes possibly made that cost your company the sale. The first step, therefore, to making a sale is the follow up.  Applying some new sales philosophies toward your marketing strategy can also help improve your company.

Let’s stay focused, however, and go over that first step a bit. (Guest Post) Continue reading How to Follow-Up On Sales Leads

10 Essential Selling Skills for 2014 Infographic

In the infographic below, we share the 10 essential selling skills you need to succeed in sales today.

These selling skills are what buyers indicated were the top factors that separated sales winners from second-place finishers.

Sellers who put these skills to use will be most likely to end up in the winner’s circle in 2014.

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Tips to Enhance Sales Effectiveness

All the coolest things in the world could be invented tomorrow, but no one would know about them without salespeople. If you want to share the next big thing with more potential customers, try these tips to step up your game. (Guest Post)

Know your client

Understanding your customer means more sales in the long run, so take the time to know what’s important to them. If you have a working knowledge of their business, what they wish for in a product or service and what holds them back, you’ll be able to tailor your pitch and product to meet their exact needs. It’s also important to know something about them on a personal level; some people will automatically say ‘no’ if they feel rushed or pressured on a sales decision, while others want to accomplish as much and as soon as possible. Asking questions like “When would you like me to follow up with you on this?” puts the power into the client’s hands and makes them feel more comfortable.
Be available whenever your customer needs you, whether you text, Skype or e-mail them. Continue reading Tips to Enhance Sales Effectiveness

Why CRM’s are Moving to Mobile Apps

Customer Relationship Management systems, CRM’s, have been a core management tool of businesses for years. 2014 is poised to be the year mobile internet usage finally surpasses that of desktops, so it no surprise that CRM’s are going mobile as well. With more business professionals working through their tablets or smartphones than ever before, CRM mobile apps are sure to become the next big thing. In fact, Gartner Inc. estimates that CRM apps will grow by an astounding 500% over the next year. It is important to know not only how you can benefit from CRM apps, but which ones to choose that will deliver the best productivity for your business. (Guest Post)

CRM’s allow you access to that one customer, just when you need it. Continue reading Why CRM’s are Moving to Mobile Apps