ONDiGO Wins the 2017 SalesTech Award for Best Sales Performance Management Platform

“Congratulations to ONDiGO for winning the 2017 SalesTech Award,” said Holger Schulze, founder of the 100,000 member B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, which organizes the awards program in cooperation with Crowd Research Partners. “All the winners and finalists reflect the very best in today’s sales technology industry. This year’s SalesTech Awards clearly reflect how rapidly SalesTech is gaining traction in sales organizations to boost productivity and revenue.”

ONDiGO’s AI sales operations platform – comprised of data collection tools and data visualization engines – boosts the bottom-line performance of sales/accounts teams.

Leveraging quantitative indicators such as trends, sentiment and engagement velocity, ONDiGO increases win-rates, shortens sales-cycles and captures repeatable success patterns.

Business leaders are using ONDiGO to get management-level first-of-its-kind insights into their team’s performance. They can see what works and what doesn’t in their pipeline, accounts, and lead management. Continue reading ONDiGO Wins the 2017 SalesTech Award for Best Sales Performance Management Platform

What a Basic Sales Process Looks Like [Infographic]

Mastering the art of sales is not something you do within a day.
It takes a lot of time and efforts learning how to serve customers quickly and eloquently.
However, although sales is considered as an art or a complex procedure which takes unique communication skills, the sales process itself is quite simple.

It varies between organizations by different parameters such as customer type or the time it takes to complete a sales cycle, but generally speaking, there are basic steps that will always take place, in any sales funnel, regardless to the company or product.

The infographic below, outlines what a basic sales process looks like.
Following this infographic will help you build a sales process that will be suitable to your team and products.
Seems simple, right? It is! Go ahead and try it out.. Continue reading What a Basic Sales Process Looks Like [Infographic]

7 Productivity Tips for Salespeople

Productivity is a big word.
It’s business definition is: “a measure of worker efficiency, such as one hundred units per hour”

Given the fact that we’re all are juggling through various tasks on our work and personal life, successful people are in constant search for ways to increase and improve productivity in order to do more in less time.

Below is a list of simple and doable productivity tips. Following this list will improve your productivity and help you get things done. Continue reading 7 Productivity Tips for Salespeople

How Can Mobile Apps Expedite the Sales Cycle?

The business scenario is changing rapidly and to keep up with the demands it is obligatory for organizations to implement innovative practices.

Embedding technological aid with sales processes saves time, increases productivity and produces tangible results. Also sales professionals require supportive tools to survive the competitive pressures. A report by Salesforce highlights 2015’s prevalent sales trend: High performing sales teams are those which have adopted technology in their day-to-day processes. Continue reading How Can Mobile Apps Expedite the Sales Cycle?

Why Salespeople Hate CRM Softwares

CRM software was introduced to the business market during the 80’s, allowing organizations to better communicate and collaborate around sales related information.
It began with tailor made solutions which helped companies track sales activities done by the sales teams. Today there are numerous solutions, some are best when customized and integrated to the specific needs of the company, while others are simple plug & play.

The thing is, there’s a paradox in the paradigm that all CRMs are based on. Despite the fact that most of the data on the CRM is entered by salespeople,CRM was not built for salespeople. It’s built for the company’s management.

Furthermore, if the CRM has been successfully integrated into the company’s sales workflow, any sales person could be replaced at any moment, and salespeople don’t appreciate feeling they could easily be replaced.

Despite numerous conversations I had with salespeople, I still haven’t met the sales guy who loves working his company’s CRM… it usually summed up in manually punching in account details, updating contact information, or getting back to the office (at the end of the day) to write up detailed summaries of all the daily events, making sure that the CRM is up to speed with all the latest events.

Those discussions drove me to draft a list of reasons why salespeople hate CRM software:
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10 Things Every Sales Manager Must Know About Sales Performance – Infographic

Hi all,

For this week’s post, we shared a super important infographic.
A must for every sales manager!

Remember, knowledge is power.

Using the right tools you’ll be able to improve your sales team performance, meet your quota and increase your revenue!

Check it out: Continue reading 10 Things Every Sales Manager Must Know About Sales Performance – Infographic

Salespeople Only Spent One-Third of Their Time Selling [Infographic]

Docurated recently released an infographic to highlight the state of sales productivity. The research is taken from a survey of 127 sales and marketing executives; this report examines the state of sales productivity from both the sales rep and sales management perspectives. Its findings paint a disconnect between what management sees and does and what sales reps want. Management is focused on hiring, onboarding, and analytics, but reps are struggling to find and use the basic systems and processes needed to do their jobs.

Key findings from the study:

1. Sales productivity is a top driver for hitting new revenue targets
2. Organizations are investing more and more in sales productivity
3. Sales productivity is often marketing’s responsibility, however marketing does not
prioritize sales productivity projects
4. Measuring productivity can be more expensive than realized productivity gains
5. Most organizations define productivity as just efficiency and are missing the gains
that effectiveness can bring Continue reading Salespeople Only Spent One-Third of Their Time Selling [Infographic]

6 Important Tips for Increased Productivity

“Don’t work harder, work smarter.” That old saying is often repeated during conversations about how to increase productivity, both at work and in our everyday lives. But what does it actually mean?

There are a limited number of hours in the day in which we have to cram the maximum amount of productivity that we can. Making the most of your time requires you to be more deliberate about the way you do things. By optimizing the little moments, you can quickly add to your overall productivity.

Here, then, are six simple yet effective ways to make you more productive at work, at home and at play.

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3 Ways Learning to Sell Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

I’m just going to be blunt. You won’t succeed as an entrepreneur if you don’t know how to sell. Being able to be persuasive is absolutely essential to your success. If you can’t do this, you will be mediocre at best. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, here comes the good news: you CAN learn how to be persuasive. It’s not as hard as you think! Yes, it will take time and practice, but if you are serious about it, you can become a great influencer.

So why do you need to learn how to sell? Great question! That’s exactly what this post is about. (Guest post)

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