ONDiGO For Salesforce – Video

You’re probably already familiar with our Salesforce Sync feature – ‘Zero Data Entry’.
We’ve just released a new video to promote our ‘ONDiGO For Salesforce’ feature.
What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.
Either on comments below, or on email, as usual.


ONDiGO On Product Hunt

Hi Guys,
Over the weekend we were surprised to discover we were featured on Product Hunt.
Product Hunt is the coolest place nowadays for products to get discovered. (And for techies to find new and cool services and products)

Indeed, we had a fun ride and got lot’s of visitors to our site and users to ONDiGO.
So welcome aboard! And obviously big thanks to the guys at Product Hunt 🙂

Check out the link below to see our profile at and upvote ONDiGO so others will be able to find us as well 😉



Communication Skills for the Professional

Companies always say that they need employees with great communication skills. But, what exactly do they mean when they say communication skills? A variety of situations require an employee to communicate with people internal and external to the company in which they work. Quality communication leads to more sales, more efficiency in the workplace, and better working relationships with vendors, customers, peers, and management. Many people are natural communicators, but others must practice and train to become better at communicating. Check out the following list of communication skills for the professional, you will be pleased with your progress and growth.

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5 tricks to make your day at work more productive

Nothing makes us feel more self-confident and accomplished than a long list of tasks completed at the end of the working day. If you find yourself struggling to maintain your focus and get things done, don’t worry – productivity is a quality you can actually control and improve. Here are top 5 tricks to make your day at work more productive. (Guest Post)

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The Complete Guide to Healthy And Productive Habits (Infographic)

Becoming more productive at work can be handled in a variety of ways. Some people will look to gain more training or education in order to improve productivity, while others will look for access to improved tools or technology, allowing them to accomplish more in less time.

If you don’t have the resources for new tools or training, there’s another way to make yourself more productive. Numerous studies, as referenced in the infographic below, show that when you improve your level of happiness and health, you’ll also increase your level of productivity.

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