What is Sales Enablement and Why Your Company Needs It

As a sales pro, what is the most important goal for you?

You are likely to say that it is all about increasing sales productivity and generating more revenue for your business.

In fact, the primary focus of your management is likely to be on the figures related to sales productivity. You plan different sales strategies for your enterprise and check the sales results to understand the impact of those strategies.

Recently, there has been a growing demand for sales enablement in various enterprises. However, this tool or approach may be different for different companies.

In other words, while functions like accounting, marketing, and so on mean almost the same thing for every business, sales enablement has assumed a different meaning which depends on your business.

But, one thing is sure; it is aimed at improving your company’s sales productivity and thereby increasing the overall revenue.

So, it is important to understand the actual definition or meaning of sales enablement and its importance for your business.

In this article, we check out the different activities that can be covered under sales enablement and the reasons why your organization should adopt it. Continue reading What is Sales Enablement and Why Your Company Needs It

How Salesforce Can Win Over the Wars of Cloud Platforms?

Salesforce is adapting itself into the community of cloud platform. The progress can best be observed in the developer community. Developers are generally skeptical in using this particular platform for preventing hacks.

But new enhancements can easily streamline the developer’s codes and expand the functionalities while pushing the limits of the platform. But the skepticism of developers has led to the substantial improvements in the cloud platform. (Guest Post) Continue reading How Salesforce Can Win Over the Wars of Cloud Platforms?

How to Close More Sales with Salesforce Opportunities

As a Salesperson, what is more important to you than to close out more sales deals?

You may say that managing the information related to the potential deals and creating various quotes on that basis is important.

However, to be able to have all the information relevant to the deals, you need to be aware of the opportunities that are generated from your leads.

For this purpose, you need to monitor your sales activities from the very beginning.

A lot of your time in Salesforce is spent with the Salesforce opportunity object. This is why you need to give importance to the task of tracking the opportunities. Because they are likely to help you build a comprehensive dashboard.

Also, a fully functional dashboard is vital for appropriate tracking of all your sales activities.

So, in this article, we look at how you can track the opportunities till they turn into successful customers. Continue reading How to Close More Sales with Salesforce Opportunities

6 Salesforce Hacks for Sales Success

As a sales professional, you are always on the lookout for new tips to improve your sales efficiencies, right?

Well, it is all about how you can leverage more out of your Salesforce platform to get more success as a sales professional.

You would also already be involved in targeting potential leads with your product marketing and promotion strategies. However, you will be amazed to learn that a few tweaks to the process by which you are handling Salesforce could result in far better results for your business.

There is no “best” Salesforce tip for increasing sales that works for all.

You need to constantly keep experimenting by implementing a number of Salesforce hacks and then track the results.

So, in this article, we focus on the top Salesforce hacks that are more likely to get a considerable increase in your sales. Continue reading 6 Salesforce Hacks for Sales Success

How to Convert Inbound Leads into Sales

What excites you the most as a sales professional?

Is it the leads or the conversions?

It is the conversion, right?

You may be getting tons of inbound leads for your business, but it would not matter if the conversion rate is poor.

And that is the criteria on which sales performance is judged.

It does not mean that getting a large number of leads is not exciting. It literally means that you have just crossed the first hurdle.

You need to keep track of all the leads in Salesforce and attempt to get the maximum conversions into opportunities as well as customers.

So, you know what you need to do.

But, the question is how do you do it?

In this article, we will thus go through some of the best practices or useful tips on how to convert inbound leads into sales. Continue reading How to Convert Inbound Leads into Sales

How to Increase Your Sales Efficiency by Easily Creating Salesforce Quotes

What is your main aim as a sales professional?

Of course, it is to increase product sales to the best of your abilities.

You are thus bound to make the most of any opportunity to give more options or choices to your customers.

This is because it will increase the likelihood of them purchasing more products from you and will, thereby, result in more sales and profitability for your business.

Now, the question is how can you give more options to customers through Salesforce?

The answer is by creating Salesforce quotes. Continue reading How to Increase Your Sales Efficiency by Easily Creating Salesforce Quotes

5 Simple Hacks that Bring the Power of Google Analytics and Salesforce to Your Sales Team

Which are the top platforms to track your website’s visitors and convert them into customers, according to you?

Undoubtedly, Google Analytics and Salesforce tops the chart, right?

Google Analytics serves as a great platform to keep track of all the activities that happen on your site.  It analyzes the activities of visitors to your site from the time that they land on it until the time they are converted to customers.

Moreover, the good thing about the Salesforce platform is that it enables you to target customers and even repeat customers.

Now, what if you could use these two platforms together and get the best of both worlds? Continue reading 5 Simple Hacks that Bring the Power of Google Analytics and Salesforce to Your Sales Team

10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology – Infographic

If you could understand exactly what your potential customers wants/needs from your business, would it help you close more deals? Hell yeah!

When it comes to converting consumers, the solution might be simpler than you think. And the best part is that, as you work to increase your revenue, you will be serving your customers better.

In order to convert them into paying customers, you just need to give them what they want. And how do you achieve that? Continue reading 10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology – Infographic

What is Salesforce? (SFDC)

You probably noticed that recently we’ve been mentioning Salesforce.com quite often. We assume that everyone knows “What is Salesforce?” However, lately, we’ve been getting emails asking what is Salesforce and what does ONDiGO has to do with Salesforce.. So here goes 🙂 Continue reading What is Salesforce? (SFDC)

5 Tips to Increase Your Visibility on Salesforce Events

Have you ever been to Dreamforce or another Salesforce event before? or are you planning to attend such an event for the first time?

No matter what your answer is, you probably know that these events are a mine for opportunities and knowledge.

You get to learn the best practices of using Salesforce to maximize sales, connect with other Salesforce enthusiasts and/or find potential prospects.

However, a lot of participants fail to capitalize the advantage of these events. They attend the event with plenty of enthusiasm, but come out empty handed. The reason for this is simple: poor visibility and inability to network.

Getting visibility is difficult in any event and especially if it is organized by a behemoth like Salesforce. A single Salesforce event gets thousands of attendees and being visible among thousands is not a piece of cake!

So, how can you stand out in the crowd? How can you increase your visibility? Here are 5 tips to increase your visibility on Salesforce events: Continue reading 5 Tips to Increase Your Visibility on Salesforce Events