5 Power Questions That Will Close Your Next Sale

Experienced sales reps know that some questions are the key to understanding customers and prospects. But what are these questions? And how to ask them?

Asking the right questions at the wrong time or asking the wrong questions, can scare your potential customers and make them walk out from a discussion – or even worse, it can be so annoying that these potential customers will simply go buy somewhere else.

Therefore, we need to find an elegant way to ask our prospects guiding questions, questions that will make them reveal their needs and pains, while maintaining a friendly attitude and not adding any pressure to the process.

Below are 5 questions that does exactly that.
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What a Basic Sales Process Looks Like [Infographic]

Mastering the art of sales is not something you do within a day.
It takes a lot of time and efforts learning how to serve customers quickly and eloquently.
However, although sales is considered as an art or a complex procedure which takes unique communication skills, the sales process itself is quite simple.

It varies between organizations by different parameters such as customer type or the time it takes to complete a sales cycle, but generally speaking, there are basic steps that will always take place, in any sales funnel, regardless to the company or product.

The infographic below, outlines what a basic sales process looks like.
Following this infographic will help you build a sales process that will be suitable to your team and products.
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Why should all salespeople wage war on “Weighted Pipelines”? (Part 2 of 4)

Last time we talked about how “weighted pipelines” distort reality.
This time we’ll dive deeper into why they do so and what can be done about it?

The simple truth is that a “weighted pipeline” is a really lousy way to calculate projected pipeline value . It simply takes the total $ value you place on a deal and based on the stage you are at with that deal, it assigns a certain percentage or likelihood of you closing that deal. Continue reading Why should all salespeople wage war on “Weighted Pipelines”? (Part 2 of 4)

7 Productivity Tips for Salespeople

Productivity is a big word.
It’s business definition is: “a measure of worker efficiency, such as one hundred units per hour”

Given the fact that we’re all are juggling through various tasks on our work and personal life, successful people are in constant search for ways to increase and improve productivity in order to do more in less time.

Below is a list of simple and doable productivity tips. Following this list will improve your productivity and help you get things done. Continue reading 7 Productivity Tips for Salespeople

102 Sales Metrics Every Manager Should Be Tracking [Infographic]

We all understand that in order to succeed, we need to set business goals. And in order to define goals, we need to select specific measurements to measure.

However, each company/department has different metrics they’re focused on and determining what metrics to focus on is often the hardest part of leading a team.

Luckily, for those of you who came across this post, this is your lucky day!
Since this blog is focused on sales, on today’s post we’ll review a compilation of sales metrics by Rain Group, which gathered 102 metrics to help you measure your sales team work.

Please note, the list goes beyond the traditional metrics. Taking notes of these objectives and implementing them into your work flow, will help you get a full pictures of your team performance.

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7 Keys to Mastering the Art of the Follow-Up

Whether you’ve been attending networking meetings or social business functions, you probably have a pocket full of contacts and haven’t the foggiest idea of what to do with them.
However, even the best connections can quickly become obsolete if you can’t imagine what they can do for or you for them.

A business event can be the perfect jumping-off point for starting a long-term professional relationship. In order to develop and strengthen that bond, you need to follow-up in a timely manner. With the clock ticking soon after you meet, your first communication should really be within 24 hours of that introduction.
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Infographic: The Data Behind What Makes an Effective Sales Process

Being effective and productive in our work is something we’re all constantly trying to achieve. It will lead to better results which can lead to grater revenue/salary. And after all, we’re mostly going to work in order to earn money.

When it comes to sales process, being effective and productive is even more important. Getting your entire sales team synced and working together on making the sales process more effective, will result in increased revenue, better results and happier team.
When when your sales team in happy and productive, they will sell more and help your company grow.

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