Communication Skills for the Professional

Companies always say that they need employees with great communication skills. But, what exactly do they mean when they say communication skills? A variety of situations require an employee to communicate with people internal and external to the company in which they work. Quality communication leads to more sales, more efficiency in the workplace, and better working relationships with vendors, customers, peers, and management. Many people are natural communicators, but others must practice and train to become better at communicating. Check out the following list of communication skills for the professional, you will be pleased with your progress and growth.


Negotiation is one of the most important aspects of business. Even if you’re not a manager, you will need to know how to negotiate to get what your company needs without giving up too much. Negotiation training benefits all members of a company or professional organization. You will learn how to give a little bit to the other side while taking a lot more for yourself. If you become a top negotiator at your place of work, you will increase your chances of earning a promotion or a bonus. Great negotiation skills will maximize your profits and minimize your losses. That is exactly what any company needs.

Writing Skills

Every email you send directly represents the voice of your company. As the old saying goes “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Sharp writing skills persuade people to follow up on a sale. A customer who receives a well-written email will be more likely to respond to your calls and emails in the future. You don’t want to leave anything to guesswork. Make your intentions clear. Use proper spelling and grammar at all times. Keep the background of the recipient in mind when you are crafting your email. You have to understand what they want to get out of a discussion with you.

Stay Organized

Being organized can make or break your ability to communicate efficiently, to both client and employee/employer. There are few things that can ruin a relationship more than forgetting to respond to an email, or to follow up on a request. When in communication with a client, use tool available to keep the relationship on good terms. A Mobile CRM allows you to multitask your conversation threads so you never miss an opportunity with a client.

If you are in a management position, it doesn’t take long before you can be drowning in emails and trying to juggle the week’s tasks as well as leading your team. Before you know it, you are stressed and over-working to compensate for being behind. This is where task management platforms and workflow software become your best friends. Utilizing simple tools like these to simplify your processes and keep track of your tasks will reduce your stress levels and increase your efficiency to levels you have never before reached.

Body Language

Body language can be even more important than what you say. Improper body language at the wrong time can definitely lose you a sale or a negotiation in a deal. Your smile goes a long way in business and in life. Practice a good smile until it comes naturally to you. Make good eye contact with people so that they know you are focused on the task at hand. Improve your posture so that you appear more confident and relaxed. You would be surprised at how easily you can increase your success in business with better body language.

Active Listening

People are much more willing to work with you if they trust you. Active listening builds trust as quickly as anything else. Maintain good eye contact while someone speaks to you. Nod your head from time to time and give a small “yes” or “uh huh.” Lean in a bit if you are sitting across the table from someone. Stand close enough to someone that you could reach out and touch them, but don’t touch them. These actions prove that you are interested in what the other person is saying, and you will win a lot of points this way.

Dress Well

What you wear says a lot about you and your company. A well-dressed employee communicates to others that he or she takes things seriously. They take pride in their appearance and how their appearance reflects their company. Be sure that you always wear what is expected of you at your place of work. Shine those shoes up nicely. Wear a nice tie that complements your suit. Practice good hygiene at all times. You are communicating that you care about all the little things, and the little things are what people remember.

Ask, Don’t Tell

When you need to get something done, it’s much better to ask for it than to tell someone to do it. Consider the difference between these two phrases. “Send me that email in five minutes.” “Can you please send me that email in five minutes?” You are more likely to feel good about getting something done if people ask you rather than tell you. Don’t you think you should return the same favor? This creates feelings of equality even if one person is a boss. Being polite will never be inappropriate.

Professionals must keep their communication skills sharp at all times. You never know when the “average” business deal could turn into something incredibly profitable. Making the right connections at the right time involves proper communications. Will you please remember to keep these tips in mind for the success of you and your company?

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