Customer Service Improvement: Small Changes for Big Return

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Are people throwing shade at your business? There are numerous studies to support the notion that customers who experience bad customer service are much more likely to tell others than those who experience good customer service. A satisfied customer might give one or two recommendations, while an unhappy one will post poor reviews and troll online, discuss the experience with a dozen or more people, and take you down.

This is why keeping bad experiences to an absolute minimum is paramount to a successful business. There is always room for improvement and small changes in customer service goes a long way. Practices as simple as using a pleasant tone of voice or addressing the customer by name have the ability to make a great impression in a customer’s mind. Here are a few simple ways you can improve your company’s customer service, so that you’re the talk of the town! (Guest Post)

Inside this issue:

–  Seek Customer Feedback
–  Invest in Training
–  Maximize your Communication Channels
–  Improve your Corporate Culture
–  Set Measurable Objectives

Seek Customer Feedback

Too many companies sabotage themselves by thinking that if they don’t see or address bad feedback, then they don’t have to deal with it. Don’t be a coward! Rather than going online and doing reputation management, trying to cover up bad reviews, read what the customers are saying and truly take it into consideration as a means of improving your business practices. Go that extra mile and let them know that you’re doing so! People will notice—and appreciate it.

Invest in Training

While your employees may be pros at using your business’ software and know how to navigate your company’s warranty policy, their people skills could be closer to robotic than human. It’s far more important that they know how to interact with customers in a way that makes a good impression. No one likes talking to a wall, so this is where having a good trainer can really improve your business. There are plenty of business coaches who are highly skilled in teaching other people “soft skills” like empathy, self-awareness, confidence, and patience.

Maximize your Communication Channels

One of the biggest complaints that customers make about customer service is the quality of communication. You can’t possibly utilize your newly trained soft-spoken employees if they are using out of date junky technology, with only one means of communication. How do you encourage your customers to reach out? It’s important to have multiple channels – such as e-mail, phone, social media, et cetera – and that those channels are properly maintained. You can improve your call quality, for example, by investing in a cloud phone system, or manage that heavy e-mail traffic by hiring a team to monitor it. Just like having the latest iPhone gives your personal reputation swag, if your customers get a quick, clear response with your latest technology, it’s going to positively affect how they view your company.

Improve your Corporate Culture

Behavior breeds behavior – it’s a fact. If your staff is treated well, they’ll be in better moods, and in turn your customers will have a better experience. You can probably remember a time when you’ve dealt with a customer service representative who just seemed fed up with the position, and you don’t want to give your customers that same experience. Take a soccer ball passing break, or something to disprove and loosen the stigmatized formal business environment.

Set Measurable Objectives

Having goals that are black-and-white are more motivating because your employees have something specific to strive for. Some companies use integrated office suites with their hosted phones to track the length and volume of incoming and outgoing calls, which is a good way to set goals when carrying out a follow-up program. Other companies encourage customer service representatives to direct customers to feedback surveys, which would be another measurable goal you could track. When your employees meet their goals, you could celebrate their achievements and reinforce their behavior. Celebrations and other means of positive reinforcement will improve your corporate culture thus creating a continuing cycle of customer service and business improvement.

In Summary…

Before you know it, these 5 pieces of advice will improve customer service calls, increase business growth, and display your business swagger from the inside & out.

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Author Bio: Tom Heppard is an innovative sales and marketing leader for Broadview Networks with expertise launching and supporting profitable product lines across all channels.

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