How Can Mobile Apps Expedite the Sales Cycle?

The business scenario is changing rapidly and to keep up with the demands it is obligatory for organizations to implement innovative practices.

Embedding technological aid with sales processes saves time, increases productivity and produces tangible results. Also sales professionals require supportive tools to survive the competitive pressures. A report by Salesforce highlights 2015’s prevalent sales trend: High performing sales teams are those which have adopted technology in their day-to-day processes.

While there are many apparatuses of change mobile technology is the most portable one. That can steer clear the collaboration hassles at nth hour. And not just this customers prefer to be informed about the products before fixing sales meetings. In such circumstances uploading product specifications beforehand sets your floor and you can directly move on to the next step i.e. conversion.

There are 4 mainstays of any sales process, let us see how mobile technology can help streamline them better, enabling Sales.

Data Acquisition and Access

Document upload and storage facilities provided by mobile apps like Dropbox are a godsend for traveling sales professionals. They can effortlessly access contacts, customer account history, sales inventory status from anywhere through their mobile phones.

As smartphones are predominantly pocket-size devices the apps designs follow a simple layout with minimum call-to-actions and coherent navigation structure. Sales specific reports and scorecards include different data presentation formats like bubble charts, bar graphs, tabular structures, etc.

These presentation formats provide a comprehensive view of sales data while at the same time abiding by the space constraints. On field sales professionals require customer briefings to carry out effective communications. The new sales apps like Soho CRM integrate with social accounts help acquire the required customer’s social graph. The buzz about it is so loud that social media platforms have also extended their support to CRM applications.

Square Register is one such point-of-sales-system which takes care of sales inventory and manages transactions through their Square Reader, a hardware (credit card reader) that helps you accept payments and also connects to printer for printing out receipts and invoices.

Alerts and Notifications

For sales professionals travel is a routine. And it goes without saying the people who tour frequently have to bother about reservation details, tickets, invoices and such travel niceties.

Travel apps help you book tickets and check booking status while on the move. The companies also issue notifications to their customers informing them of emergency cancellations of seasonal offers. Apps like Kayak and Orbitz offer best travel deals for low prices as well as last moment bookings. They also offer hotel booking facilities.

Another helpful feature of these applications is easy availability of maps to locate nearby restaurants and fuel stations.

Collaborate with Peers

You can share presentations and reports with your team through your constant companion – mobile phone. Apps like Skype allow you to conduct trainings and meetings on your handheld devices. And not just this if employees wish to access the material later they can easily do it through the centrally installed storage cloud applications.

A myriad of applications are available to relieve you of manually accomplishing them. It’s not possible to access a scanner from all places. A quick scanner app like DocScan that resides in your mobile and provides you quick scan and send facility.

Apps like GoToMeeting that support web-conferencing are a boon for sales professionals for conducting their meetings irrespective of their location. Additional features provided by the app includes call recording support to record the entire call for future reference.

Microsoft Outlook app gathers emails, calendar and contact information from the organization’s exchange server so you do all but miss your regular updates.

Measure Results

Monitoring app dashboards provide reports and analytics data for better forecasting. This is especially useful for senior management sales professionals who frequently require access to their revenue reports.

Some companies have launched industry specific monitoring apps like ‘Service Insights’ by Epicor to provide industry analysis reports to automotive market people.

Such analytics app solutions enable users to compare their expected and actual sales targets.

Reports assimilate one-to-one data mapping showing order status with customer feedbacks and sales quotes with sales closing metrics. 


Organizations share a vision when it comes to setting sales targets. For converting this vision into reality management needs to match steps with the team. One of the major steps is implementing technological tools to streamline your sales funnel.


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Sapna Joshi is a creative content writer at MoveoApps, an mCommerce App Development Company. She is a software engineer with a love for writing. When she’s not writing she is probably reading something.

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