How Salesforce Can Win Over the Wars of Cloud Platforms?

Salesforce is adapting itself into the community of cloud platform. The progress can best be observed in the developer community. Developers are generally skeptical in using this particular platform for preventing hacks.

But new enhancements can easily streamline the developer’s codes and expand the functionalities while pushing the limits of the platform. But the skepticism of developers has led to the substantial improvements in the cloud platform. (Guest Post)

Transformation from application to platform:

The Salesforce data transformation process is gradually transferring the application into the platform.

The developers are trying to improve the quantity as well as the quality of workforce through this platform. During the recent years, the flexibility calls, sophistication of code samples and a better connection support have contributed in the development.

Improvement can be visible in jQuery support, environment for application development, Apache as well as Cordova.

A mobile development platform called “Salesforce touch” has improved the services substantially by launching mobile services in the Salesforce platform. This particular platform was launched in the year 2011 and meeting the requirements of developers since then HTML 5 is best suited for this application and can be used ideally for improved customer services. Platforms are also adapting themselves for newer versions of the mobile applications.

In 2012, Salesforce introduced the Mobile Enterprise Developer. Through this, you can easily create unique web services by integrating customer data. Therefore, the developer’s community can easily expect that the demand of Salesforce platform will rapidly grow in the mobile community as well.

How can the enterprise applications help the Salesforce platform?Salesforce platform

The enterprise software vendors can use the Salesforce platform as their marketing weapon. They can also use the significant advantages for all global deployment solutions. Now, let us understand the ways in which the enterprise applications can be used in combination with Salesforce platform.

The investments in Salesforce platform have provided a wide base for cloud infrastructure. Developers are leveraging enterprise applications with reliability, security and world class performance.

Salesforce applications can be extended beyond CRM and can be applied in contract management as well as Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ). A single system of recording can be difficult even outside the Salesforce platform. So different companies can create different product strategies by using the applications. Apptus is one of the enterprise applications developed by the Salesforce platform. The customers can obtain lots of benefits thanks to the reliability, security, multi-tenancy and excellent performance of the Salesforce platform.

Multi-tenant architecture of Salesforce can easily allow optimization of computing resources through savings and efficiency gains for global enterprises, even if the applications are deployed privately in cloud systems.

For maintaining the financial processes, the Salesforce application shares a security model named Financial Force. This model helps in developing the professional services of accounting, billing, ordering and other planning services.

Salesforce applications contribute to the return on investments (ROI) also. The data integration management is not at all required for upgrading to a large number of users and users can easily remain in familiar interfaces. Easy deployment process can help in adapting to higher ROI which is required for any particular solution.

Salesforce can therefore support global deployments for expanding support centers. Service Max helps in designing applications which can receive maximum responses from clients.

Salesforce easily transforms from being an application in a company to a platform provider in the entire cloud industry. Now, you can easily understand active roles of Salesforce on cloud platforms.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a software developer who talks about Salesforce data migration process. Visit Flosum , to know more about the benefits of salesforce.


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