How to Leverage Salesforce to Build a Winning Sales Process

Being a sales professional, you might have encountered scenarios in which multiple members in your team have accidentally contacted the same potential client.

There may even have been occasions when someone in your team was unable to prioritize the most important clients and thereby failed to convert some really good opportunities.

In any case, most of the mishaps occur in sales due to a lack of a clear sales plan and process. This underlines the importance of having a well chalked out sales process that the entire sales team can follow to build great customer relationships under any circumstances right from the start.

So, how do you build such an all-in-one process?

An effective solution to this problem is Salesforce CRM. It is all about the numbers for you and your team; in other words, it helps you get as many sales as possible.

And, effective use of Salesforce can enable your team to achieve the same as long as each member in the team implements it in exactly the same way as he or she has been trained to do.

So, let us check out how you can build a winning sales process by leveraging Salesforce.

Train and Retrain

Most sales teams have the habit of training every new team member on Salesforce as well as on the various processes followed in that organization.

However, using the most efficient cutting-edge technology in classroom trainings for new sales people will be less effective if they are not offered guidance tools that can provide them with real-time instructions and online walkthroughs.

But, once a sales rep has spent a few months or years at work, he or she needs to be trained again on advanced methods of using the Salesforce system to deliver better results.

In other words, you need to ensure that all your team members undergo some kind of training and knowledge-sharing sessions on a periodic basis to help them understand whether they are doing the right thing and to enable them to improve by identifying more effective ways of using Salesforce.

The important part here is to have every learning opportunity documented. In this way, the sales personnel can refer to the same in real time.

Share Winning Deals


It would help if your company could get all your sales professionals to share their experiences about every successful conversion that they managed to achieve. Most experiences are unique and having them documented and discussed during internal knowledge-sharing sessions will help others deal with similar opportunities effectively in the future.

Moreover, many sales conversions are difficult to achieve. And, many were only achieved by your team after they overcame some hurdles.

So, it is important that you ask your team to share all the hindrances that they faced and how they overcame the same to strike a winning deal. This would help your team save time when they are faced with similar challenges in the future.

Update Salesforce Regularly

Whether it is done manually or through automation, your company would benefit if your sales team updates the Salesforce system on a regular basis, with each sales activity conducted by them.

This will help your team keep track of all the opportunities or deals that are pending and prepare in advance for the same. Also, you can provide them with timely help or guidance, as and when needed, by having appropriate analytics in place to understand the information that is often required by the sales professionals in the field.


Provide Centralized Access for All Sales Reps

It is of paramount importance that every member of your sales team has centralized access to the information about each customer or potential customer in Salesforce.

They also need to be know which sales rep is working on which lead. In this way, no two sales people will ever accidentally target the same lead using the Salesforce system.

Also, your sales executives will be able to answer a costumer’s queries quickly and provide them with instant information and quotes if you provide them with full access to more relevant information about the customer and his or her likings (to customize the product choices). This goes a long way in winning over potential customers.

So, are you planning to build a winning sales process by leveraging Salesforce?

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