How to Plan Your B2B Sales Strategy for 2016

It is the beginning of a new year, which means that it is time for you to sit down and formulate the way ahead for your sales team.

You would agree that getting your B2B sales strategy right is a huge challenge, even today. You need to have a look at the emerging B2B sales trends from the past year (2015) to determine which of those would be an ideal fit for 2016 as well.

So, in this article, we provide you with useful tips to help you plan your company’s B2B sales strategy for 2016.

There is no sales strategy that works for all types of B2B relationships, even when you are using a CRM, such as Salesforce.

Hence, we will highlight a variety of B2B sales trends that could be part of your sales strategy this year.

Make Optimal Use of Predictive Analytics


This type of technology can be more useful to your enterprise, if you are witnessing increased Salesforce user adoption.

You may already have started using predictive analytics, but the aim should be to use it extensively for various purposes.

For example, you need to use it to discover new opportunities, spot issues and even measure your KPIs accurately.

You may be obtaining information from different internal and external sources and this predictive analytics technology can help you combine both types of data to fill the gaps, if any.

Of course, it will continue to help you predict the behavioral patterns of your target audience (prospects or customers). In fact, it will help with your market research and enable you to target specific market segments.

Hence, there are more than enough reasons to make sure that you include the full-fledged use of this technology in your B2B sales strategy.

Increased Focus on Content Marketing through Videos

Even though you may have done a lot of content marketing in 2015, there is still plenty of scopes to increase it in 2016.

You can use video as an inevitable tool for content marketing to showcase your products and services to prospects or clients.

Once a video is prepared, it can do all the talking for you along with great visuals so clients have a better understanding.

There is a strong likelihood that clients will like the new way of presentation and you would be able to convey more information in a limited amount of time. This increases the possibility of closing deals at a faster rate.

Of course, a lot of effort goes into preparing high-quality videos. And, your strategy should be to simplify the process by having the right resources to carry out the tasks, such as script writing, content editing, and digital editing.

Such videos will not only improve your sales team’s productivity, but it will also help your sales reps get noticed among your competitors.

Increase Sales Efficiency through Smart Use of Salesforce Business Applications

You would agree that the Salesforce AppExchange is a real boon to all Salesforce users. Apps like Conga Composer, FunnelSource, ClickTools, and Apsona were some of the most widely used apps in 2015.

Using such apps helps your sales reps carry out many tasks at a rapid pace and with great accuracy, thereby improving the overall sales efficiency and productivity.

You need to ensure that your team keeps looking out for more such applications that can give you an edge over your competitors.

Identifying highly effective Salesforce apps at an early stage (before they become popular) could make a huge difference to your business.

Improved Training and Development Facility for Sales Reps

Your efforts should be aligned with introducing various new sales trends and tricks to your sales executives during internal training sessions.

The aim should be to prepare them in advance for efficient use of social selling while dealing with a customer or prospect. They should be trained in becoming micro-marketers who are able to add more value to customer engagements.

If you invest in offering better training for your sales team at regular intervals, it would help you close more deals than before. So, it is a must for your B2B sales strategy plan.

So, how do you plan to formulate your B2B sales strategy this year? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!



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