Improve Your Sales Results by Thinking Outside the Box

In the past a sales manager was required to have solid interpersonal skills and an extensive network of contacts. However, with the dawn of the digital age these skills have become less important, and innovative and creative-thinking sales managers have become a sought-after commodity. Sales managers who can think outside the box and are up to date with tech trends and strategies are highly sought after, and a successful candidate has to be part business analyst and part decision-maker. The ability to think on their feet and harness the power of available resources will ensure sales results and productivity techniques are improved.

Going Beyond the Norm

A truly successful sales manager will be able to see the bigger picture and have the ability to step outside of general marketing strategies and embrace and create new ones. The digital age has opened so many doors for new marketing strategies, and unique and innovative campaigns on Facebook and Twitter can captivate an audience and make for a successful campaign.

By harnessing the power of social media, sales managers can use online conversation to their advantage and build up a brand profile based on what customers need, rather than what they are perceived to want. Social media campaigns can run the risk of fitting the same mold, but a smart sales manager will ensure that a company’s social media policy will keep in touch with a target audience and encourage them to come back time and again.

Combining Efforts

Many sales managers have realized that the notion of separate sales and marketing teams is redundant and that by combining the two they can communicate and interact closely, forming an extremely beneficial collaboration. By breaking the mould and merging these two departments, a synergy can be created and a sales manager and marketing manager can pool ideas and resources to create the most effective type of campaign whilst improving productivity techniques at the same time.

By pairing sales and marketing together, a more customer-centric advertising and sales process will emerge. And by using innovative marketing techniques, companies can engage their customers in a two-way conversation. In the past mail shots, print ads and other forms of one-way marketing have been utilized, but by creating a two-way channel between companies and customers, sales managers can get down to ground level and determine the reality of the customer experience and perspective.

Staying on Trend

It is vital that sales managers stay on trend with marketing innovations and that they implement them in a creative and profitable way. There are certain key aspects that a successful sales manager must remember at all times, and adaptation and flexibility are two of the most vital characteristics a sales and production team must possess.

Understanding customers and nurturing the client-business relationship is only a small part of running a successful company, but without the support of the client and the forward thinking of a sales manager many companies fall behind as their advertising and marketing strategies become outdated and their production techniques stilted or delayed. Outside the box thinking can change this and a rapid improvement in sales can be achieved by implementing a few simple techniques.


Issac is a graduate working with the marketing team of Milestone UK, a project management consultancy based in London. Whilst undertaking his degree, Issac completed several project management modules and went on to use the experience in his current role.

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