Infographic: How to get your Sales Leads to convert quickly

We’re all constantly chasing our tails, trying to get ahead of time, always feeling like there’s a lot more things to do. If it’s work related or personal, it doesn’t matter. Nowadays there are too many things we need to do and accomplish that indeed it feels impossible to get things done.

Specifically to sales people, time is the most critical asset. Spending it wisely is an incredibly important decision. Prospects are also busy, therefore it both parties interest to make the sales process as quick and efficient as possible.

The infographic below by Cloudswave gathers 17 tips that will help you convert your leads faster. Great tips such as: “When using e-mail to reach out to a sales lead, 7/10 will convert when presented with a coupon or other discount offer”

Check it out, a few minutes read will help you save time a close your loops faster!

Image sources: Pablo

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Ohad Oren

Ohad Oren is Co-Founder and COO of ONDiGO. Prior to ONDiGO he Co-founded several start-ups. Ohad has years of experience in Sales and Business Management. You can follow him on twitter on @OrenOhad

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