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VentureBeat today announced the finalists from the first ever international botathon, which took place over the weekend. More than 200 teams participated in this hackathon for bots. Finalists from Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, and Tel Aviv, as well as the online division, will present their new bots at MobileBeat 2016 in San Francisco July 12 and 13, where winners will be chosen by event attendees, expert judges, and online voting.

Here’s a summary of the finalists:


Ondigo is a Slack bot that aims to be the fastest way to find and add new leads and contacts to Salesforce. With it, users can find contacts’ information straight from Slack (think Rapportive for Slack) and then create a new Salesforce lead or contact in seconds, without ever leaving Slack. The Ondigo bot can also send users Salesforce task reminders and briefings about people and companies prior to scheduled meetings.

These screenshots show how Ondigo bot helps people create Salesforce contacts without leaving Slack

Above: Ondigo bot helps people create Salesforce contacts without leaving Slack

Ondigo is led by Yoni Daniel, and has a small team operating in Israel. The Tel Aviv portion of the botathon occurred in partnership with venture capital firm Aleph, which organized a $50,000 challenge in order to encourage Israeli entrepreneurs to develop bots. The top three finishers were Redash (whose creators are unable to attend MobileBeat 2016), Ondigo, and Meekan, which was acquired by Doodle.

Watch the Ondigo demos here and here.


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