ONDiGO Wins the 2017 SalesTech Award for Best Sales Performance Management Platform

“Congratulations to ONDiGO for winning the 2017 SalesTech Award,” said Holger Schulze, founder of the 100,000 member B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, which organizes the awards program in cooperation with Crowd Research Partners. “All the winners and finalists reflect the very best in today’s sales technology industry. This year’s SalesTech Awards clearly reflect how rapidly SalesTech is gaining traction in sales organizations to boost productivity and revenue.”

ONDiGO’s AI sales operations platform – comprised of data collection tools and data visualization engines – boosts the bottom-line performance of sales/accounts teams.

Leveraging quantitative indicators such as trends, sentiment and engagement velocity, ONDiGO increases win-rates, shortens sales-cycles and captures repeatable success patterns.

Business leaders are using ONDiGO to get management-level first-of-its-kind insights into their team’s performance. They can see what works and what doesn’t in their pipeline, accounts, and lead management.

ONDiGO’s sales-operations platform – Best Sales Performance Management Product

“We are delighted to be honored as the winner of the best Sales Performance Management product,” said Yoni Dariel, CEO of ONDiGO. “ONDiGO has always worked to ease the productivity burden by bridging the gap between the complicated behind-the-scenes tech and the hectic and chaotic world that sales reps and account executives need to operate in.”

According to the State of Sales Execution Report: “On average, 42% of organizations reported that their current sales analytics do not meet their needs – or worse, they don’t have any at all,” ONDiGO’s platform takes the process even further by seamlessly blending existing data points from the company’s CRM with interactions conducted over email, phone and calendar to create a whole new data matrix and AI-generated insights and indicators. This empowers reps and management to quickly and easily measure, analyze and act upon information that once was dominated by intuition and gut feeling.

ONDiGO was called out as the Sales Performance Management product for a variety of reasons.

New data points, from day 1

Combining existing CRM data with multi-channel live conversations derived from email, calendar and phone, ONDiGO is the only enterprise-grade, smart, AI-driven platform on the market. Businesses can integrate it with their CRM, be alerted when high-value deals are at risk, take action and increase the likelihood of the deal closing.

No downloads or installations required. All it takes is an instant, secure signup – and from that minute on, ONDiGO can visualize and analyze future, present and past events to reveal Indicators, KPIs and success patterns.

Secure solution

ONDiGO leverages AI and automation to simplify and optimize data entry and data visibility across departments. It works in the background, mediating between and among the organization’s existing business tools (email, Calendar, CRM, etc.).

Designed as “middleware”, ONDiGO guarantees data integrity while protecting users from potential security breaches. Sensitive business data is synced directly to users’ email and CRM instances and is never stored on ONDiGO’s servers.

1-minute integration

Getting started with ONDiGO is super-simple. There’s no software to download (no browser add-ons, plug-ins, etc.) and no learning curve.

Signing up is done once – and from that minute on, ONDiGO works seamlessly in the background (server layer) between all your mobile, desktop and tablet devices to sync sales activity into Salesforce.

Data enhancement

ONDiGO automatically creates new CRM contacts & leads based on your email & calendar activity. It keeps your CRM up-to-date, without missing a beat.

On top of that, by using the Sentiment and Anomaly alerts, users and managers get notified whenever prospects or customers show intent to buy, consider termination, ready to sign a contract or when team’s opportunities are at risk, allowing managers to get them back on track.

Why should you invest in a Sales Operations Platform?

If you’re looking to grow your sales team and maintain the same growth rate, you should definitely look for a solution that will allow you to increase your team’s productivity, get insights to management and preserve at-risk opportunities.

Here’s what companies get when they use Sales Operations Platforms:

  • Deep insights into sales KPIs such as sales activities (emails, calls and meetings), rep response times, customer engagement levels, and more.
  • Savings of 20 hours a month per sales executive
  • Shorter weekly pipeline review meetings
  • Less on-boarding time for new sales executives and benchmarks for reaching A-player performance levels.
  • Faster rep and customer response times.

With increases in Salesforce adoption, rep productivity, and revenue, how can you lose?

Are you ready to see how ONDiGO can improve your sales data visibility, increase sales and improve the bottom line for your organization?

Sign up for your ONDiGO demo today!

About ONDiGO

ONDiGO is an AI sales-operations platform that boosts the bottom-line performance of sales/accounts teams.

ONDiGO leverages quantitative indicators such as trends, sentiment and engagement velocity to increase win rates, shorten sales cycles and capture repeatable success patterns.

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