5 Tips and Tools for Business Communication On-The-Go

Mobile Business Contact Management Nowadays, it is very common to find yourself working with people from long distances. Everything is mobile. So, how do you maintain effective communication with people that you don’t work in the same office with or who are not physically present for extended periods of time?  
There is no doubt about it. Working from long distance with your boss, partners, colleagues, and/or team is not easy. But it’s do-able. Here are some very simple tips and tools to help you make your long distance working relationships work…
1) Meet in person (at least once if possible)
Meeting someone in person is the best way to establish a connection and a level of trust, which of course must be nurtured over time. If that is not possible, then be sure that the first meeting(s) are done through a video conference. Seeing a person’s face and gestures is very important in understanding a person and their wants and needs. I will go into more detail about video conferencing later. Be sure to also video conference at least once a week, and if you are working with a team of people, video chat with at least one or two members if not as a whole group every week.

5 Ways to Make Your Time Work for You

Managing Customers on-the-goTime is money, as all business owners know as a rule-of-thumb. Time also has a direct impact on your reputation among your customers and, thereby, on your revenue. How so, you ask? Simple.

Customers expect a quick response, special attention and for you to have all the information on hand whenever they decide to call. Here are pointers on how to keep up with your customers and stay on top of your game.

One Place All the Time

Have all your notes in one place and, more importantly, accessible at all times. Yes, laptops can be taken with you, but it’s not convenient for accessing data quickly when on-the-go. Better to have it on your mobile. Also, make sure it is neatly organized and convenient. You need to be able to find the information you need within seconds.

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Listen to your Customers…or Perish!

Mobile CRMYou are an entrepreneur with an amazing business idea. The first step is research and laying out a business plan to develop your idea further and, basically, get the ball rolling. Now what? Do you just dig in and start developing? Most often that is what happens. You become extremely busy designing and developing and building from the administrative end. So, what happens when your “shop doors” open? Do customers immediately start buying?

Doing it ‘Old School’

There is the old business school concept that first you will get the innovators and early adapters coming in to buy. Then the early majority will come, followed by the late majority. Let’s focus on your innovators and early adopters. They will be the driving force behind bringing the latter groups on board. Do they like the product/service you offer? Do they leave shortly afterward? Continue reading Listen to your Customers…or Perish!

Expect to be “googled”

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When we don’t know something, what do we do? We “google” it. And, of course, we expect to find an answer! So, when you tell someone about your company or your work as a small business owner (independent contractor, consultant, etc.), expect them to “google” you. And when they do, you will want to put your best foot forward. Act as though your website is your business card. Show them who you are and what you do in a clean and easy-to-read manner, because first impressions count. And remember to KISS – keep it simple, stupid!

Focus on user experience

Pictures/graphics and colors are nice, but you need to focus on user experience!!! A visitor needs to be able to read the content that you so carefully put together! Make sure it looks clean…have a solid background color and easy-to-read font of an appropriate color. For example, if you have a dark background, use a lighter font color that doesn’t strain the eyes (avoid lime green or yellow!).

Have all other information easily accessible under appropriate headings: “about us”, “product” or “service”, “contact us”, etc. Allow your visitors to share you via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. with the quick access tools that are clearly visible. This is a great way to have your visitors market your product for you. In addition, create Facebook, LinkedIn, anfree small business management softwared Twitter accounts for your company and start a blog while you are at it. The more places your audience can find you, the better!

Grab their attention fast

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. You need to get your visitor the vital information quickly, so they understand what your product is and decide what their next action will be. If they aren’t impressed with what they initially see on your home page they will leave. If they are, then they may decide to browse for more information or decide to contact you, which means they are a potential client.

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