Crack the Code to Successful Networking

application play storeWhen operating your own business, having good networking skills is vital for success! Same if you are working for someone else or looking for work.

Building a network is not as hard as you might think. You just have to remember it is a living thing. It will grow and thrive when cared for. 

It’s a fact. Say you need a query from the IT department, who is always flooded with requests, and having a good relationship with someone in the team can make the difference between getting your query as requested – and quickly so you can get that last minute assignment from your boss done on time or not. Say you have applied to your dream job at Company X. Knowing someone with a good reputation within the company can help you get that call to HR that somehow never went through before. Same goes for entrepreneurs. Establishing good relationships with customers can be the difference between success and growth or bankruptcy.

Today, we all rely on word-of-mouth to tell us what others really think about a product rather than trusting a sales person in the store. Most of us are cruising the web for days before deciding on which cell phone to buy, looking at all the reviews and comparing pros and cons. We are more likely to trust someone we have a connection with even more so. Having a good reputation goes hand-in-hand with being a good networker.

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3 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Contacts

application play storeLet’s get your contact book in order! Even if you are a mess in every other aspect of your life, try to be organized here…unless you have a perfect memory and can remember every conversation you’ve ever had, with whom, as well as when and where. Then you probably don’t need to write anything down anyways. If so, I am highly impressed and extremely jealous!

So how can we normal people organize our contacts easily and effectively?

1. Sort Business from Personal Contacts

Let’s start with the key first step – separate your Business from your Personal contacts. Why is this so important? It will put you in the right frame of mind when speaking with a Business contact if you can immediately identify a person with whom you have a professional relationship.
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Hello and Welcome!

Business contact Management

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the launch of ONDiGO’s Blog! We are happy you came to visit!First let me briefly introduce ourselves…We are five people who love what we are doing and are working hard to create an exciting new and simple way for you to connect with your customers on-the-go!

What is ONDiGO?…ONDiGO is THE smarter way to sort business from personal contacts! Add your notes and ONDiGO will help you remember the important details exactly when you need them. Keep track of your interactions, down to the smallest item, and stay at the top of your game when managing your relationships!

Now, about our Blog…We know you are busy, so we are here to help you keep up-to-date with the latest trends and tips that business owners must know! In addition, we will be sharing brief excerpts of what we post here in our newsletters for your convenience.

Finally, a little about me…my name is Kathryn and I am your community manager. Hello! 🙂

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions or comments! I would love to hear about your experience so far!