Salespeople Only Spent One-Third of Their Time Selling [Infographic]

Docurated recently released an infographic to highlight the state of sales productivity. The research is taken from a survey of 127 sales and marketing executives; this report examines the state of sales productivity from both the sales rep and sales management perspectives. Its findings paint a disconnect between what management sees and does and what sales reps want. Management is focused on hiring, onboarding, and analytics, but reps are struggling to find and use the basic systems and processes needed to do their jobs.

Key findings from the study:

1. Sales productivity is a top driver for hitting new revenue targets
2. Organizations are investing more and more in sales productivity
3. Sales productivity is often marketing’s responsibility, however marketing does not
prioritize sales productivity projects
4. Measuring productivity can be more expensive than realized productivity gains
5. Most organizations define productivity as just efficiency and are missing the gains
that effectiveness can bring
6. On average, organizations are investing nearly $20,000 per rep on sales productivity
initiatives (including tools, training etc…)
7. Three of the biggest opportunities for improving productivity are:
a. Reducing rep onboarding time
b. Less time spent updating CRM and reporting on pipeline
c. More efficient process for finding and using the right content
8. Reps spend only 32% of their time selling, with the remainder of their time spent on admin tasks like updating CRM and looking for content to include in a sales presentation
9. While high quality content is cited by reps as one of the key drivers to winning deals, the single biggest challenge for teams is the inability to find the right content
10. For most reps, it’s faster to recreate content than to find it

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