Seeing Your Business Through The Customers Eyes

If you’re finding that the footfall isn’t what it used to be, or you only ever break even at the end on the month, it may be time to reassess your strategies and practices in order to refine your processes. There are many things you can keep in mind and various ways you can do research into certain departments. One great way of figuring out exactly what the people want is to act on their behalf. Think about what you, as a member of the public, would want to see no matter how big or small the change. It is these observations that separate you from the rest.

Your Branding & Advertising

The way you visually present yourselves should never be your main selling point, but it is something you should have in the back of your mind. The right kind of exposure could see your businesses skyrocket overnight so it’s always worthwhile investing in professional handy work. Think about the colours you include on your logo and furnishings. Do they look like they belong? To add to that, is the logo itself legible? And is it easy to remember the shape of? Does the style match your target market? As an outsider you want to be visually drawn in, but the true test is to maintain the customers gaze for more than a simple split second. If you can do that, you can do anything.

Your Team Members

No business is complete without a go-to team for all your worries and needs. They are the ones who will give your company the right reputation, so they need to be well trained in the art of customer service. There are the obvious things like service with a smile and always keeping busy, but you should also be thinking about how well your staff communicate with potential buyers as well as between themselves. They also need to be reasonably well pruned and always be carrying a can do attitude to show off a sense of pride. Timing can also be a big issue so all enquiries should be answered within an allotted time as no one like waiting around.

Your Placement & Ergonomics

Your premises will be the hub of all the action, and having a space that works for both you and your guests can help to streamline your output. Your staff need to be able to move around the space adequately in order to reach all customers without delay, and your customers need to be able to reach everything they want to investigate without limitations. Try and include a number of entry and exit points for all routes around the available area, and be aware or how things are stored. You should be aware of where certain items are placed to help encourage more spending. Have a chat with your local interior specialists to see what they recommend.

Your Nature & Ethos

Businesses are built with many things in mind, but for most if not all companies the main reward for your efforts is people enjoying who you are and what you do. Your customers will want to be able to relate to you in a way that they can’t with other companies, so creating a good rapport with them is vital. You need to be able to make them feel satisfied even if you can’t directly help them. Every person who walks through that door is important, and making then feel that importance can really get the ball rolling. One great way of keeping the smile of their faces is introducing useful discounts or offers, just as a thank you for their customs.

It’s no easy feat but when done well your implementations could very well result in better sales and even more credit from those of high regard. For more information and advice about how to improve your business or to see what others have tried why not look online for extra hints and tips.

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Ohad Oren

Ohad Oren is Co-Founder and COO of ONDiGO. Prior to ONDiGO he Co-founded several start-ups. Ohad has years of experience in Sales and Business Management. You can follow him on twitter on @OrenOhad

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