The Surprising Things That Facebook Ads Can Tell You About Your Customers

There’s a right way and a wrong way to engage in Facebook Ads. The wrong way involves taking your logo and some branded images, writing a carefully crafted brand strapline and firing the whole thing out to your target market in the hope that they will stop what they’re doing and take note of your great new product. (Guest Post)

The right way to use Facebook Ads is to take your target market, break it up into lots of micro segments and get creative to see what you can find out about your audience. You can then personalise adverts to start building a relationship with your customer. This way will bring you a much greater ROI.

There are a million and one ways to segment your audience using Facebook Ads. You can segment according to hobbies, sports, interests, favourite books, TV shows and magazines. You can experiment with audience numbers, the images you use and the messages you send to these micro-segments. Consumers are much more likely to look at a picture of something that they are interested in, rather than a picture of something that is meaningless to them, therefore you have instantly overcome some sales objections. Keep track of all the interactions, and keep adapting your adverts and using A/B testing and you can learn some surprising things:

Different applications for your product

No matter what your product or service is users are going to interpret it differently. You have created something, but it is up to the consumer to decide how it fits into their life. You can use Facebook Ads to learn more about your own creation. Come up with a few ideas of how your product could help a particular micro-segment and see what gets the most interactions.

What imagery works best

Facebook is very visual, with images capturing the most attention. By firing out lots of different images to lots of different micro-segments you’ll soon notice a stark contrast between the success rates of different images. This will give you great ideas for future advertising across all media.

What voice works best

You can use Facebook Ads to fine tune your brand voice. See how effective different messages are, change them and adapt them until you find something that gets loads of attention.

Where else to advertise

You may find that your brand is particularly popular with a certain micro-segment. You can then see what number of this micro-segment also read certain magazines. If you find a good match then you know you will get a high ROI by advertising through these magazines. Plus, you already know what imagery works well with this group, what content they respond well to and how they would use your product.


Your best customers

By monitoring interactions from different segments you will soon find out which of your customers are the most likely to share your content and proudly tell all their mates about your brand. These are the customers that will get you the best ROI. You will also discover which consumers just don’t quite get you yet and will need more work.

The beauty of Facebook advertising is that you can do it very quickly and with a small budget. You don’t have to wait months to find out if a magazine advert has worked. Provided you are willing to keep on top of everything you do you can find out valuable information within weeks and if something just isn’t working you can stop it within days.
Don’t use Facebook Ads to tell your audience about your brand, use Facebook Ads to let your audience tell you about themselves.

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This post was written by Isabel Crouch, digital marketer for South Wales Web Solutions in Swansea. Isabel specialises in helping start-ups and local businesses reach their target audience, achieving maximum results with minimum spend.

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