How to Increase Salesforce Adoption by Using a Sales Operations Tool

The biggest challenge for any organization is to ensure that whatever decision is made, it is accepted and supported by all its employees.

So, it makes perfect sense for an enterprise to use Salesforce in order to boost its customer relationship management capabilities.

However, the results will only start showing if it is adopted by the majority of the staff in the most efficient manner.

A great way to ensure increased Salesforce adoption at your organization is to use an effective sales operations tool.

Let us take a look at some of the ways through which such a tool can improve the adoption and use of the Salesforce system in your company. Continue reading How to Increase Salesforce Adoption by Using a Sales Operations Tool

ONDiGO Bot on MobileBeat 2016 Botathon

Hi guys,

VentureBeat today announced the finalists from the first ever international botathon, which took place over the weekend. More than 200 teams participated in this hackathon for bots. Finalists from Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, and Tel Aviv, as well as the online division, will present their new bots at MobileBeat 2016 in San Francisco July 12 and 13, where winners will be chosen by event attendees, expert judges, and online voting.

Here’s a summary of the finalists: Continue reading ONDiGO Bot on MobileBeat 2016 Botathon

How to Plan Your B2B Sales Strategy for 2016

It is the beginning of a new year, which means that it is time for you to sit down and formulate the way ahead for your sales team.

You would agree that getting your B2B sales strategy right is a huge challenge, even today. You need to have a look at the emerging B2B sales trends from the past year (2015) to determine which of those would be an ideal fit for 2016 as well.

So, in this article, we provide you with useful tips to help you plan your company’s B2B sales strategy for 2016.

There is no sales strategy that works for all types of B2B relationships, even when you are using a CRM, such as Salesforce.

Hence, we will highlight a variety of B2B sales trends that could be part of your sales strategy this year. Continue reading How to Plan Your B2B Sales Strategy for 2016

What is Salesforce? (SFDC)

You probably noticed that recently we’ve been mentioning quite often. We assume that everyone knows “What is Salesforce?” However, lately, we’ve been getting emails asking what is Salesforce and what does ONDiGO has to do with Salesforce.. So here goes 🙂 Continue reading What is Salesforce? (SFDC)

5 Tips to Writing a Killer Sales Email

Being a sales person, you don’t me to tell you how important are emails nowadays, generally in business and particularly in sales. Most of sales conversations today take place over email, therefore it’s extremely important to master proper sales email technique.
Below are 5 tips for writing better sales emails. Adapting them into your work process will help improve communication with your prospects and close more deals. Continue reading 5 Tips to Writing a Killer Sales Email

How Can Mobile Apps Expedite the Sales Cycle?

The business scenario is changing rapidly and to keep up with the demands it is obligatory for organizations to implement innovative practices.

Embedding technological aid with sales processes saves time, increases productivity and produces tangible results. Also sales professionals require supportive tools to survive the competitive pressures. A report by Salesforce highlights 2015’s prevalent sales trend: High performing sales teams are those which have adopted technology in their day-to-day processes. Continue reading How Can Mobile Apps Expedite the Sales Cycle?

Infographic – The 12 Commandments of Closing a Sale

Closing is the scariest stage of the sales process for many salespeople. You’ve put so much work into a deal, and it could all vanish in a matter of seconds.

Well, there are rules to selling, especially when it comes to closing.

The Professional Academy have put together a handy infographic guide to essential sales skills, the sales process, closing a sale and handling those objections.

Enjoy! Continue reading Infographic – The 12 Commandments of Closing a Sale

Sales 101 – Always Be Closing :)

One of the most motivating sales pitches comes from the 1992 movie, Glengarry Glen Ross.
Blake, played by Alec Baldwin, is an alpha dog motivational salesman and goes into an epic speech where he coins the infamous acronym, A.B.C (Always Be Closing).

For those of you who are not familiar with this “Must See” scene, take a few minutes to watch it.
Baldwin plays the motivational speaker from Hell, determined to either increase productivity or inspire suicide 😉


10 Ways to Turn Angry Customers into Brand Evangelists

Everyone who has worked in a customer service position has experienced angry customers. Oftentimes, it becomes an irreversible situation where the customer declares that he or she will not shop at your store or use your service again. Regaining customer’s business is difficult, but not impossible, and once earned, customer loyalty is your greatest asset. The following tips can help you form an effective strategy to win back upset customers. Continue reading 10 Ways to Turn Angry Customers into Brand Evangelists

Five Easy Ways To Boost Sales

Marketing seems to have become the essence of sales in the first decade of this century. Ever since television emerged as the leading medium back in the 1950s, commercials have had an incredible influence on people. But with the rise of the World Wide Web and social media, advertising strategies and their importance for selling products simply skyrocketed. So, let’s observe some most common and successful ways of increasing sales nowadays.

Continue reading Five Easy Ways To Boost Sales