Customer Service Improvement: Small Changes for Big Return

Hey You!

Are people throwing shade at your business? There are numerous studies to support the notion that customers who experience bad customer service are much more likely to tell others than those who experience good customer service. A satisfied customer might give one or two recommendations, while an unhappy one will post poor reviews and troll online, discuss the experience with a dozen or more people, and take you down.

This is why keeping bad experiences to an absolute minimum is paramount to a successful business. There is always room for improvement and small changes in customer service goes a long way. Practices as simple as using a pleasant tone of voice or addressing the customer by name have the ability to make a great impression in a customer’s mind. Here are a few simple ways you can improve your company’s customer service, so that you’re the talk of the town! (Guest Post)

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5 Ways to Make Your Time Work for You

Managing Customers on-the-goTime is money, as all business owners know as a rule-of-thumb. Time also has a direct impact on your reputation among your customers and, thereby, on your revenue. How so, you ask? Simple.

Customers expect a quick response, special attention and for you to have all the information on hand whenever they decide to call. Here are pointers on how to keep up with your customers and stay on top of your game.

One Place All the Time

Have all your notes in one place and, more importantly, accessible at all times. Yes, laptops can be taken with you, but it’s not convenient for accessing data quickly when on-the-go. Better to have it on your mobile. Also, make sure it is neatly organized and convenient. You need to be able to find the information you need within seconds.

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