Dealing with customer complaints effectively via social media

The last few years have seen social media becoming increasingly important as part of every b2c company’s marketing mix.

There are many benefits of running social media accounts; it gives your company an opportunity to showcase their products, lets customers know about any special offers and sales, helps you reach out to potential new customers and lets followers in on the behind the scenes workplace culture.

A brand will seem more human and friendly when they share their workplace via social media. There is one main downside however – unhappy customers are suddenly  airing their displeasure publicly, and how you handle this can make a huge impact on how everyone  sees your company and its customer service approach.

It is imperative that you deal with bad feedback via your social media accounts quickly, effectively and fairly. Here are our top pointers: ( Guest Post )

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5 Strategies to Improve Your Productivity at Work

It’s no secret that when we ring in the New Year, most of us also strive to bring in a “New You”. Whether it’s a new job, a raise or even a promotion – we all want something better. It’s also classically known that most of us stop aggressively pursuing this new goal a few weeks into the year.
Where do we go wrong? We set our sights too high too soon. Instead, let’s start small and focus on the little things you can change on a daily basis that will benefit your career. First on that list should be productivity.

We’ve outlined the top five simplest productivity improvement strategies that you can easily implement into your daily routine. (Guest post)

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3 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Contacts

application play storeLet’s get your contact book in order! Even if you are a mess in every other aspect of your life, try to be organized here…unless you have a perfect memory and can remember every conversation you’ve ever had, with whom, as well as when and where. Then you probably don’t need to write anything down anyways. If so, I am highly impressed and extremely jealous!

So how can we normal people organize our contacts easily and effectively?

1. Sort Business from Personal Contacts

Let’s start with the key first step – separate your Business from your Personal contacts. Why is this so important? It will put you in the right frame of mind when speaking with a Business contact if you can immediately identify a person with whom you have a professional relationship.
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