Top 7 Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Time More Efficiently (+Bonus Video)

Excellent time management skills are crucial in practically every professional context. Knowing how to prioritize tasks and having a firm control over your schedule, you’ll find yourself becoming incredibly productive and will get more things done in a shorter time frame. Unfortunately, reality rarely looks so perfect – we tend to waste our time on blogs and social media, or devote a lot of time to activities that grant us disproportionally meek results.

We’ve got some good news – there’s a whole wealth of online tools that can help you manage your time more efficiently. Here are top 7 online tools that can potentially revolutionize the way in which you organize and execute your work. Continue reading Top 7 Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Time More Efficiently (+Bonus Video)

ONDiGO is honored to be selected as a finalist in the Meffy Awards in Mobile Technologies!

The 11th annual Meffys competition is taking place now and it’s just been announced…we have made it into the finals!

This is a big honor to be nominated as a finalist in the Meffy Awards! We are excited to be among some other great companies who have also made it to the top: App Annie, DocuSign, Microsoft Mobile, and SwiftKey just to name a few.

It’s a big event happening every year, accepting applications from startups around the world for different categories such as Big Data, Mobile Service, Social Responsibility, etc. Meffys had over 250 entries this year from 30 countries that applied for 13 different categories. There is an international independent judging panel made up of VCs, analysts, academics and journalists and only 5 companies are selected to move on into the final round from each category to be judged and awarded as the #1 in their category.

It’s one of the biggest “international awards for measuring success and rewarding innovation across the mobile ecosystem” and ONDiGO has been selected!

The winners for each category will be announced at a special gala event in San Franciso on November 19 as part of the MEF Global Forum 2014. Keep your fingers crossed! San Francisco….here we come! 🙂


Image ref: MEFFY Finalists announcement article

Small Businesses are Leaders of Innovation and Creativity

What is innovation? What is leadership?

A few words come to mind. Passion. Innovation. Creativity. Belief.

We tend to think of small businesses as having a disadvantage when competing with the bigger companies around the world. I think it’s the other way around…

Small companies have a strong advantage because of their amazing capacity for innovation and creativity. Let’s delve deeper into what sets these small businesses a part and how they can set themselves up for success by utilizing these advantages.

I have been having a lot of conversations with people about what it takes to be innovative and to set yourself a part – in life and in work. So, I decided to share with you what conclusions I have drawn and several stories I have come across in my conversations and research. Continue reading Small Businesses are Leaders of Innovation and Creativity