Top 7 Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Time More Efficiently (+Bonus Video)

Excellent time management skills are crucial in practically every professional context. Knowing how to prioritize tasks and having a firm control over your schedule, you’ll find yourself becoming incredibly productive and will get more things done in a shorter time frame. Unfortunately, reality rarely looks so perfect – we tend to waste our time on blogs and social media, or devote a lot of time to activities that grant us disproportionally meek results.

We’ve got some good news – there’s a whole wealth of online tools that can help you manage your time more efficiently. Here are top 7 online tools that can potentially revolutionize the way in which you organize and execute your work. Continue reading Top 7 Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Time More Efficiently (+Bonus Video)

ONDiGO is honored to be selected as a finalist in the Meffy Awards in Mobile Technologies!

The 11th annual Meffys competition is taking place now and it’s just been announced…we have made it into the finals!

This is a big honor to be nominated as a finalist in the Meffy Awards! We are excited to be among some other great companies who have also made it to the top: App Annie, DocuSign, Microsoft Mobile, and SwiftKey just to name a few.

It’s a big event happening every year, accepting applications from startups around the world for different categories such as Big Data, Mobile Service, Social Responsibility, etc. Meffys had over 250 entries this year from 30 countries that applied for 13 different categories. There is an international independent judging panel made up of VCs, analysts, academics and journalists and only 5 companies are selected to move on into the final round from each category to be judged and awarded as the #1 in their category.

It’s one of the biggest “international awards for measuring success and rewarding innovation across the mobile ecosystem” and ONDiGO has been selected!

The winners for each category will be announced at a special gala event in San Franciso on November 19 as part of the MEF Global Forum 2014. Keep your fingers crossed! San Francisco….here we come! 🙂


Image ref: MEFFY Finalists announcement article

Why CRM’s are Moving to Mobile Apps

Customer Relationship Management systems, CRM’s, have been a core management tool of businesses for years. 2014 is poised to be the year mobile internet usage finally surpasses that of desktops, so it no surprise that CRM’s are going mobile as well. With more business professionals working through their tablets or smartphones than ever before, CRM mobile apps are sure to become the next big thing. In fact, Gartner Inc. estimates that CRM apps will grow by an astounding 500% over the next year. It is important to know not only how you can benefit from CRM apps, but which ones to choose that will deliver the best productivity for your business. (Guest Post)

CRM’s allow you access to that one customer, just when you need it. Continue reading Why CRM’s are Moving to Mobile Apps

Mobile CRM is the New Black!

Mobile CRM is the new black!

It is a known fact that every small business should have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in place. Why? Customers are your main reason for doing business. You create a product/service for them, they buy from you, and you use the revenue to reinvest into your business to sell more. It’s a simple sales cycle. But it’s a cycle that needs to be taken care of and groomed.

The challenges arrise when you have to start managing your customers – even if only a handful. If they aren’t satisfied, they won’t buy. In addition, a good number of them will also spread negative reviews about you to other potential customers. Seeing as 80% of your future revenue will come from existing customers (Gartner Group), paying special attention to Customer Satisfaction and, thereby, retention is crucial to not only staying in business, but also growing. According to Bain and Co., a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by an average of 75%. So what’s the conclusion? Winning customer loyalty could mean the difference in being successful or not! Continue reading Mobile CRM is the New Black!

5 Tips and Tools for Business Communication On-The-Go

Mobile Business Contact Management Nowadays, it is very common to find yourself working with people from long distances. Everything is mobile. So, how do you maintain effective communication with people that you don’t work in the same office with or who are not physically present for extended periods of time?  
There is no doubt about it. Working from long distance with your boss, partners, colleagues, and/or team is not easy. But it’s do-able. Here are some very simple tips and tools to help you make your long distance working relationships work…
1) Meet in person (at least once if possible)
Meeting someone in person is the best way to establish a connection and a level of trust, which of course must be nurtured over time. If that is not possible, then be sure that the first meeting(s) are done through a video conference. Seeing a person’s face and gestures is very important in understanding a person and their wants and needs. I will go into more detail about video conferencing later. Be sure to also video conference at least once a week, and if you are working with a team of people, video chat with at least one or two members if not as a whole group every week.