Necessary Negotiation Tips For Every Small Business Owner

Let’s assume you’ve decided to start a new business. What do you need to get things moving? Apart from an office space and a well-thought business plan, you must have good negotiation skills to succeed in today’s rather challenging business environment. For some people, negotiation is art while for others it’s just a skill that needs to be polished and used accordingly. What can fruitful negotiation skills do your business? For starters, it can help you grow a solid network by building relationships with vendors, clients, and employees. Simply put, it helps make way for promising business opportunities. Let’s analyze some really cool negotiation tips every business owner should have to attain success. (Guest Post)

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Creating a Positive & Healthy Working Environment

Employees and customers are the key to any successful small business, and a happy workforce is more likely to lead to satisfied customers. Creating a healthy working environment should therefore be a top priority for any ambitious small business. (Guest Post) Continue reading Creating a Positive & Healthy Working Environment

21 and starting your own business?

Once your education is done and over with, and you’re thinking about your next step in life, there are pretty much only two paths you can go down. You either work for somebody else, or you work for yourself. In the broadest of terms these are the two major choices, and everything else stems from them. Feels a little bit like you’re stuck choosing between a rock and a hard place? You would unless you’re the scion to a rich empire and have a trust fund that will take care of the next few generations in your family. If you are a trust fund kid, I envy you man, if you’re not, don’t worry – it isn’t half as bad as it looks.

I’ve always been the ‘doing my own thing’ kind of guy, I don’t do well with authority, whether it’s a boss or a senior colleague or whatever. I like being in charge, and if you’re of the same bent of mind, and just finding your way in life, then you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t want to fulfill someone else’s dream, and work on your own instead, then I should warn you, you have a hard road ahead, but you’ll always have the time of your life travelling down that road.

So you’re starting your own business, you’ve decided. Now what? That’s where I come in, I’ll give you all the dope on how to kick-start your very own start up, here we go. ( Guest post ) Continue reading 21 and starting your own business?

The Importance of Mornings to the Entrepreneur

When searching for the things that successful entrepreneurs have in common, you may or may not be surprised to find that morning routines are a major part of their methods. With 24 hours in a day and roughly around 25 000 mornings to make use of in your adult life, there is lot of time that can be used to work towards your goal of building your own business, and ultimately, your own success. Developing a morning routine not only allows you to manage your time more efficiently, but ensures that you’re living proof, on a daily basis, of how the early bird does indeed get the worm. (Guest Post)

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Productivity Lessons That Have Endured Through the Ages – Infographic

Some productivity lessons have endured through the ages for a reason. They work. Wrike put together a collection of productivity proverbs and backed them up with interesting stats.

Share them with your team mates and friends to boost their morale and help them achieve more!



7 Key Habits of Productive People

CEOs get up before the sun, top managers practice meditation and entrepreneurs start their days with doing less pleasant task. Sound strange, but these guys definitely know what to do! And the first thing you should learn by heart if you daydream of being more productive is that productivity is a skill, a habit one can develop. After you’ve formed a habit, this habit starts forming you! There are several tips that will open your road to productivity and here they are: (Guest Post)

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Dealing with customer complaints effectively via social media

The last few years have seen social media becoming increasingly important as part of every b2c company’s marketing mix.

There are many benefits of running social media accounts; it gives your company an opportunity to showcase their products, lets customers know about any special offers and sales, helps you reach out to potential new customers and lets followers in on the behind the scenes workplace culture.

A brand will seem more human and friendly when they share their workplace via social media. There is one main downside however – unhappy customers are suddenly  airing their displeasure publicly, and how you handle this can make a huge impact on how everyone  sees your company and its customer service approach.

It is imperative that you deal with bad feedback via your social media accounts quickly, effectively and fairly. Here are our top pointers: ( Guest Post )

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5 Strategies to Improve Your Productivity at Work

It’s no secret that when we ring in the New Year, most of us also strive to bring in a “New You”. Whether it’s a new job, a raise or even a promotion – we all want something better. It’s also classically known that most of us stop aggressively pursuing this new goal a few weeks into the year.
Where do we go wrong? We set our sights too high too soon. Instead, let’s start small and focus on the little things you can change on a daily basis that will benefit your career. First on that list should be productivity.

We’ve outlined the top five simplest productivity improvement strategies that you can easily implement into your daily routine. (Guest post)

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