Small Business Success – Why Everyday Relationships Matter

When it comes to dealing with companies, many customers bemoan the instances when they are treated like a number, or when they end up getting a recording or automated menu when they’re trying to talk to a living person. There are a lot of people out there who dislike being dehumanized.

By the same token, businesses that put their message out there like to know that they are actually reaching people and making a difference. They don’t want their ads, their promotions, their blog entries to figuratively fall on deaf ears. Just like their customers, these companies want to make a human connection.

You can’t have a relationship with a machine (well, you can, but it’s a rather disturbing prospect), and numbers don’t always tell the whole story. That’s why when you read on, you’ll see how everyday relationships are a key to small business success. (Guest Post)

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Necessary Negotiation Tips For Every Small Business Owner

Let’s assume you’ve decided to start a new business. What do you need to get things moving? Apart from an office space and a well-thought business plan, you must have good negotiation skills to succeed in today’s rather challenging business environment. For some people, negotiation is art while for others it’s just a skill that needs to be polished and used accordingly. What can fruitful negotiation skills do your business? For starters, it can help you grow a solid network by building relationships with vendors, clients, and employees. Simply put, it helps make way for promising business opportunities. Let’s analyze some really cool negotiation tips every business owner should have to attain success. (Guest Post)

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The Wonderful World of Clients – Infographic

An amusing Infographic from Ciplex which shows some of the funniest (but true) types of customers you’ll come across in managing your business.

Enjoy 🙂

4 New Technologies To Help You Better Connect With Clients And Customers

Technology has made it easier than ever to communicate, which is great news for businesses everywhere. No longer do you have to search in different places, with different passwords for things like email and voicemail. You don’t have to search blindly and hope to find every communication that is occurring about your business.

There are ways to know what your customers are saying, and use that information on an individual level, and in a larger scope to make marketing decisions. Make sure that your business is taking advantage of the opportunities afforded it by advancements in technology.  (Guest Post)


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Tips for Overcoming Sales Objections

You were so sure that your company’s products or services would sell themselves that you weren’t prepared to hear the word “No” over the phone, or to see the negative response in terms of negative sales. But a sales objection doesn’t have to signify the end of the conversation. Here are some common-sense techniques for overcoming common objections you may encounter: (Guest Post)

“How do I know you’re for real?”

There’s no sidestepping this objection; you absolutely must confront it if you expect to gain the customer’s trust, without which there is no sale. The best response is to bury the objector in cold, hard facts. Make sure your website and print copy is chock full of testimonials from satisfied customers, an honest yet positive account of the company’s history and track record, and any white papers or case studies you can find to back up your credibility.

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The lost Art of Listening

We learn how to speak, write and respond early on, but often the art of listening is left by the wayside.
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5 Ways to Make Your Time Work for You

Managing Customers on-the-goTime is money, as all business owners know as a rule-of-thumb. Time also has a direct impact on your reputation among your customers and, thereby, on your revenue. How so, you ask? Simple.

Customers expect a quick response, special attention and for you to have all the information on hand whenever they decide to call. Here are pointers on how to keep up with your customers and stay on top of your game.

One Place All the Time

Have all your notes in one place and, more importantly, accessible at all times. Yes, laptops can be taken with you, but it’s not convenient for accessing data quickly when on-the-go. Better to have it on your mobile. Also, make sure it is neatly organized and convenient. You need to be able to find the information you need within seconds.

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