6 Common Sales Objections and How to Close Over Them

According to a report, 92% of sales reps give up after four rejections and 44% already give up after just one!

That is an alarming figure!

Rejection is part of life in general and particularly in sales. You can only succeed once you have found a way to engage the customer to listen to you, share their needs with you and influence them to spend time in evaluating your products or services.

That is the only way to convert sales objections into sales.

But, most salespeople fail to realize this and give up too soon. A common reason is that they do not know how to handle the rejections and overcome them. Obviously, you cannot win if you do not know how to win.

So, we list six common sales objections here that every sales rep will face and ways to close over them. Continue reading 6 Common Sales Objections and How to Close Over Them

The 8 Best Sales Tools that You Should Start Using ASAP

Sales tools have always played a major role in simplifying and strengthening the sales cycle. But, the success of the sales cycle lies in selecting the right tool that can transform your sales process.

Yet, it is not easy to select the right tool.

A tool can look great at a first go, but then turns out to be messy when you start using it. So, you need to weigh in every tool based on several parameters to ensure that you make the right decision.

Because we know that finding a good sales tool involves a ton of research and takes time, we have hand-picked the top eight tools that could help you and your team crush sales quota in 2016 to simplify your search. Continue reading The 8 Best Sales Tools that You Should Start Using ASAP

5 Tips for a Successful Sales Call

When working as a sales person, one of the requirements is to be able to pick up the phone and call potential customers. For some it comes very natural, and others will have to work very hard in order to conduct successful sales calls.

Either way, calling a prospect is a skill which can be developed and improved. It’s just like a muscle, the more you work on it, the more you practice, the better you get at it.
The fear of rejection is what prevents most people from picking up the phone. Naturally, not too many people are able to put themselves in a position to be rejected. However, those who do, will be rewarded in the long run for the temporary uncomfortable situation.

With proper fine-tuning, you’ll soon find your calls being well received and you’ll experience fewer rejections. The post below will review 5 tips which will help you conduct successful sales calls. Give them a try on your next calls, who knows, you might find yourself enjoying it 😉

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How to Make a Sale like the Wolf of Wall Street

A few weeks ago we shared a blog post with a short scene from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”.
I got some responses saying that this movie sheds a bad light on salespeople’s Behavior and perception.
Regardless of your feelings on the movie, I think there is more to it than just greed and the chase after money. And after all, at the heart of it there are lessons every salesperson should know. (Guest Post)

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5 Power Words and Phrases That Can Help you Close More Deals

Sales skills are mostly about communication. Being a great sales person means you always keep an open eye for opportunities to charm and connect to your prospects. Oftentimes, you have one shot to establish a deep communication level that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and show people why your business is the right choice for them.
Therefore, it’s extremely important to use that one shot and learn how to quickly and effectively approach your prospects.
While it’s not a bullet proof method, and there are no words that are guaranteed to convert prospects into customers, there are specific words and phrases that by using them you can increase your chances of closing a sale.

Here are 5 words and phrases you can take to your advantage and close more deals: Continue reading 5 Power Words and Phrases That Can Help you Close More Deals

Tips for Overcoming Sales Objections

You were so sure that your company’s products or services would sell themselves that you weren’t prepared to hear the word “No” over the phone, or to see the negative response in terms of negative sales. But a sales objection doesn’t have to signify the end of the conversation. Here are some common-sense techniques for overcoming common objections you may encounter: (Guest Post)

“How do I know you’re for real?”

There’s no sidestepping this objection; you absolutely must confront it if you expect to gain the customer’s trust, without which there is no sale. The best response is to bury the objector in cold, hard facts. Make sure your website and print copy is chock full of testimonials from satisfied customers, an honest yet positive account of the company’s history and track record, and any white papers or case studies you can find to back up your credibility.

Open the books on your company’s past successes. Continue reading Tips for Overcoming Sales Objections