The Surprising Things That Facebook Ads Can Tell You About Your Customers

There’s a right way and a wrong way to engage in Facebook Ads. The wrong way involves taking your logo and some branded images, writing a carefully crafted brand strapline and firing the whole thing out to your target market in the hope that they will stop what they’re doing and take note of your great new product. (Guest Post)

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Customer Service Improvement: Small Changes for Big Return

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Are people throwing shade at your business? There are numerous studies to support the notion that customers who experience bad customer service are much more likely to tell others than those who experience good customer service. A satisfied customer might give one or two recommendations, while an unhappy one will post poor reviews and troll online, discuss the experience with a dozen or more people, and take you down.

This is why keeping bad experiences to an absolute minimum is paramount to a successful business. There is always room for improvement and small changes in customer service goes a long way. Practices as simple as using a pleasant tone of voice or addressing the customer by name have the ability to make a great impression in a customer’s mind. Here are a few simple ways you can improve your company’s customer service, so that you’re the talk of the town! (Guest Post)

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7 Words For Entrepreneurs That Can Do Magic In Negotiations

Prospective entrepreneurs are being taught many useful things in the course of a business preparedness or MBA program. However, nobody teaches them about negotiations. Ergo, entrepreneurs end up dreading negotiations because of a core premise that they’re adversarial. To some extent, they are; however, it doesn’t have to be that way since the very act of doing business with someone is in fact a partnership. Negotiation can be a brilliant activity that fosters a sense of adversity when it is done poorly. Here are 7 negotiation words for entrepreneurs to help them win in business. (Guest Post) Continue reading 7 Words For Entrepreneurs That Can Do Magic In Negotiations

25 Customer Service Skills you absolutely need – Infographic

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Came across this wonderful infographic, and had to share.

Knowing how to properly develop these skills will help you to excel in your business, increase sales and keep your customers happy!

Source: Customer Service Heroes

Seeing Your Business Through The Customers Eyes

If you’re finding that the footfall isn’t what it used to be, or you only ever break even at the end on the month, it may be time to reassess your strategies and practices in order to refine your processes. There are many things you can keep in mind and various ways you can do research into certain departments. One great way of figuring out exactly what the people want is to act on their behalf. Think about what you, as a member of the public, would want to see no matter how big or small the change. It is these observations that separate you from the rest. Continue reading Seeing Your Business Through The Customers Eyes

Tips for Overcoming Sales Objections

You were so sure that your company’s products or services would sell themselves that you weren’t prepared to hear the word “No” over the phone, or to see the negative response in terms of negative sales. But a sales objection doesn’t have to signify the end of the conversation. Here are some common-sense techniques for overcoming common objections you may encounter: (Guest Post)

“How do I know you’re for real?”

There’s no sidestepping this objection; you absolutely must confront it if you expect to gain the customer’s trust, without which there is no sale. The best response is to bury the objector in cold, hard facts. Make sure your website and print copy is chock full of testimonials from satisfied customers, an honest yet positive account of the company’s history and track record, and any white papers or case studies you can find to back up your credibility.

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How to Follow-Up On Sales Leads

Industry standards show that almost 50% of sales leads are not pursued.  From a business-minded standpoint, that’s pretty low.  Imagine all the lost revenue!

Although customers can be indecisive in their purchasing decisions, not having the determination to follow up on a possible lead is the quickest way to ensure that you and your business never receive that prospective sale. Even when the leads are followed up on and the customer still decides to back out, sales associates make sure to correct any mistakes possibly made that cost your company the sale. The first step, therefore, to making a sale is the follow up.  Applying some new sales philosophies toward your marketing strategy can also help improve your company.

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10 Essential Selling Skills for 2014 Infographic

In the infographic below, we share the 10 essential selling skills you need to succeed in sales today.

These selling skills are what buyers indicated were the top factors that separated sales winners from second-place finishers.

Sellers who put these skills to use will be most likely to end up in the winner’s circle in 2014.

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Tips to Enhance Sales Effectiveness

All the coolest things in the world could be invented tomorrow, but no one would know about them without salespeople. If you want to share the next big thing with more potential customers, try these tips to step up your game. (Guest Post)

Know your client

Understanding your customer means more sales in the long run, so take the time to know what’s important to them. If you have a working knowledge of their business, what they wish for in a product or service and what holds them back, you’ll be able to tailor your pitch and product to meet their exact needs. It’s also important to know something about them on a personal level; some people will automatically say ‘no’ if they feel rushed or pressured on a sales decision, while others want to accomplish as much and as soon as possible. Asking questions like “When would you like me to follow up with you on this?” puts the power into the client’s hands and makes them feel more comfortable.
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