Anatomy of an Effective Sales Pitch

If you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur, it’s not enough to have brilliant ideas, great products, and unlimited motivation. There are many different skills you will need to have as you start your business.

One of the most important skills that you must have is the ability to move others to action. You must be able to influence others. This is where sales comes into play.

Learning how to sell is more than just knowing how to get people to buy your product. It’s being able to sell your ideas in a way that gets people to adopt them.

It’s selling the vision that you have for your organization. This post will cover some of the basic techniques you will use when trying to make a sale. (Guest post)

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ONDiGO On Product Hunt

Hi Guys,
Over the weekend we were surprised to discover we were featured on Product Hunt.
Product Hunt is the coolest place nowadays for products to get discovered. (And for techies to find new and cool services and products)

Indeed, we had a fun ride and got lot’s of visitors to our site and users to ONDiGO.
So welcome aboard! And obviously big thanks to the guys at Product Hunt 🙂

Check out the link below to see our profile at and upvote ONDiGO so others will be able to find us as well 😉



5 tricks to make your day at work more productive

Nothing makes us feel more self-confident and accomplished than a long list of tasks completed at the end of the working day. If you find yourself struggling to maintain your focus and get things done, don’t worry – productivity is a quality you can actually control and improve. Here are top 5 tricks to make your day at work more productive. (Guest Post)

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The Complete Guide to Healthy And Productive Habits (Infographic)

Becoming more productive at work can be handled in a variety of ways. Some people will look to gain more training or education in order to improve productivity, while others will look for access to improved tools or technology, allowing them to accomplish more in less time.

If you don’t have the resources for new tools or training, there’s another way to make yourself more productive. Numerous studies, as referenced in the infographic below, show that when you improve your level of happiness and health, you’ll also increase your level of productivity.

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Top 7 Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Time More Efficiently (+Bonus Video)

Excellent time management skills are crucial in practically every professional context. Knowing how to prioritize tasks and having a firm control over your schedule, you’ll find yourself becoming incredibly productive and will get more things done in a shorter time frame. Unfortunately, reality rarely looks so perfect – we tend to waste our time on blogs and social media, or devote a lot of time to activities that grant us disproportionally meek results.

We’ve got some good news – there’s a whole wealth of online tools that can help you manage your time more efficiently. Here are top 7 online tools that can potentially revolutionize the way in which you organize and execute your work. Continue reading Top 7 Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Time More Efficiently (+Bonus Video)

Get More Sales Thorough Better Relationships

Let’s pretend for just a moment that you own several pairs of the type of shoe that needs to be cobbled and there are only two cobblers in town. One always offers your donkey–if your shoes need cobbling, it is unlikely that cars have arrived on the scene as of yet–a fresh carrot and chats with you about the weather. The other barely acknowledges your existence. Which one will you entrust with your favorite footwear?

Odds are you will choose to do business with the cobbler who takes an active interest in you–the one with whom you have a relationship.

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Startup ONDiGO Builds World’s First Mobile CRM

Originally posted by IT specialist. Thank you Josh for a great interview 🙂


As any enterprise IT specialist knows, company employees are increasingly going mobile. Traveling employees such as sales executives are just as likely to be using an iPad or iPhone as their main device as opposed to a PC. This mobility is generally a plus for an enterprise’s efficiency productivity, but it also means that the company’s employees expect the key apps that they use to be just as accessible on their mobile devices as on their traditional PCs. If this is not the case, employees’ are likely to become frustrated, and their productivity will suffer.

One area that has traditionally not been well optimized for mobile is the CRM system. Most CRM systems are designed for desktops at larger enterprises, as opposed to on-the-go employees, especially at smaller businesses. One startup that built a new CRM from the ground up that is specifically optimized for mobile is ONDiGO. Joining us today is Yoni Dariel, the co-founder and CEO of ONDiGO. Continue reading Startup ONDiGO Builds World’s First Mobile CRM

How Selling Skills Assessment Tools Improve Customer Relations

You’re in quite the conundrum. Your sales team appears to be a motivated group of enthusiastic and conscientious employees who possess top-notch selling skills and the ability to put your customers first. Your sales results, however, don’t reflect your employees’ supposed sales prowess. And your customers are growing increasingly unhappy. How can you address a problem that you can’t identify? You can’t. But don’t lose hope. Thanks to a number of selling skills assessment tools, you can identify both the strengths and weaknesses of your sales department. And send those sales figures and customer satisfaction rates soaring sky high.

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