5 tricks to make your day at work more productive

Nothing makes us feel more self-confident and accomplished than a long list of tasks completed at the end of the working day. If you find yourself struggling to maintain your focus and get things done, don’t worry – productivity is a quality you can actually control and improve. Here are top 5 tricks to make your day at work more productive. (Guest Post)

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30 seconds to the best memory hack ever!

Memory hacks. We all need them!

I enjoy reading about hacks and new ways of doing things, always checking out if there are easier and better ways of doing things. Let’s face it, I enjoy my work, but I love my free time as well. So, the more efficiently and effectively I work, the more time I have to do other things – like spend time with family and friends.

Tools are great for recording the things we want to remember, but the task of recording can be formidable. And using several tools at the same time can cause more chaos than clarity.

As I was perusing the Internet, as we are all prone to do regularly – sometimes hourly even, I came across an interesting quote, recorded by Robyn Scott, that shaped a young boy into a highly successful man experiencing a very rich life. His grandfather gave him the best advice he had ever received and he has shared his secret to success.

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7 Key Habits of Productive People

CEOs get up before the sun, top managers practice meditation and entrepreneurs start their days with doing less pleasant task. Sound strange, but these guys definitely know what to do! And the first thing you should learn by heart if you daydream of being more productive is that productivity is a skill, a habit one can develop. After you’ve formed a habit, this habit starts forming you! There are several tips that will open your road to productivity and here they are: (Guest Post)

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