Infographic: How to get your Sales Leads to convert quickly

We’re all constantly chasing our tails, trying to get ahead of time, always feeling like there’s a lot more things to do. If it’s work related or personal, it doesn’t matter. Nowadays there are too many things we need to do and accomplish that indeed it feels impossible to get things done.

Specifically to sales people, time is the most critical asset. Spending it wisely is an incredibly important decision. Prospects are also busy, therefore it both parties interest to make the sales process as quick and efficient as possible.

The infographic below by Cloudswave gathers 17 tips that will help you convert your leads faster. Great tips such as: “When using e-mail to reach out to a sales lead, 7/10 will convert when presented with a coupon or other discount offer”

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Why Salespeople Hate CRM Softwares

CRM software was introduced to the business market during the 80’s, allowing organizations to better communicate and collaborate around sales related information.
It began with tailor made solutions which helped companies track sales activities done by the sales teams. Today there are numerous solutions, some are best when customized and integrated to the specific needs of the company, while others are simple plug & play.

The thing is, there’s a paradox in the paradigm that all CRMs are based on. Despite the fact that most of the data on the CRM is entered by salespeople,CRM was not built for salespeople. It’s built for the company’s management.

Furthermore, if the CRM has been successfully integrated into the company’s sales workflow, any sales person could be replaced at any moment, and salespeople don’t appreciate feeling they could easily be replaced.

Despite numerous conversations I had with salespeople, I still haven’t met the sales guy who loves working his company’s CRM… it usually summed up in manually punching in account details, updating contact information, or getting back to the office (at the end of the day) to write up detailed summaries of all the daily events, making sure that the CRM is up to speed with all the latest events.

Those discussions drove me to draft a list of reasons why salespeople hate CRM software:
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Products Don’t Sell Themselves

You may think that your product is the greatest thing on earth, and everyone who hears about it will buy it immediately. The hard truth is that regardless of how great your product is, how it’s better/faster/simpler/etc from your competition, you’ll still have to sell it. And be great at it!

Here are a few things to keep in mind for your pitch to a potential customer:

Let your potential customer define his pain

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5 Habits of Extraordinary Salespeople That Make Them Highly Successful

In todays world, we’re all sales people.. We’re selling ourselves everyday, at work and even at home.

Now, being a good salesperson is not something you’re born with. Obviously there are the ‘naturals’. I personally know a few sales people that selling for them is as natural as breathing. They don’t need to do anything special to become great at sales. They just need to be themselves.

But what about the rest of us? Well, it doesn’t mean that if you’re not natural, you cannot become a successful sales person.

Here are 5 simple habits that separate successful sales people from the rest. Whether you are selling your own product or are managing a sales team, these are the most effective things you can do to close more deals:

1. Make a good first impression

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3 Ways Learning to Sell Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

I’m just going to be blunt. You won’t succeed as an entrepreneur if you don’t know how to sell. Being able to be persuasive is absolutely essential to your success. If you can’t do this, you will be mediocre at best. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, here comes the good news: you CAN learn how to be persuasive. It’s not as hard as you think! Yes, it will take time and practice, but if you are serious about it, you can become a great influencer.

So why do you need to learn how to sell? Great question! That’s exactly what this post is about. (Guest post)

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Communication Skills for the Professional

Companies always say that they need employees with great communication skills. But, what exactly do they mean when they say communication skills? A variety of situations require an employee to communicate with people internal and external to the company in which they work. Quality communication leads to more sales, more efficiency in the workplace, and better working relationships with vendors, customers, peers, and management. Many people are natural communicators, but others must practice and train to become better at communicating. Check out the following list of communication skills for the professional, you will be pleased with your progress and growth.

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6 Effective Communication Tips to get “too busy” clients to meet with you

With the age of computerised communication having taken the lead almost entirely, the power of face-to-face meetings has become heavily underestimated. Yet nothing can replace personal conversations, where the presence of an electronic middleman is eliminated. After all, sometimes it is the only way to convince your client about being a reliable business partner. Therefore, if your client continues to unceasingly reject your request to meet you in person, consider using a few of these tricks to successfully change their mind.

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30 seconds to the best memory hack ever!

Memory hacks. We all need them!

I enjoy reading about hacks and new ways of doing things, always checking out if there are easier and better ways of doing things. Let’s face it, I enjoy my work, but I love my free time as well. So, the more efficiently and effectively I work, the more time I have to do other things – like spend time with family and friends.

Tools are great for recording the things we want to remember, but the task of recording can be formidable. And using several tools at the same time can cause more chaos than clarity.

As I was perusing the Internet, as we are all prone to do regularly – sometimes hourly even, I came across an interesting quote, recorded by Robyn Scott, that shaped a young boy into a highly successful man experiencing a very rich life. His grandfather gave him the best advice he had ever received and he has shared his secret to success.

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Customer Service Improvement: Small Changes for Big Return

Hey You!

Are people throwing shade at your business? There are numerous studies to support the notion that customers who experience bad customer service are much more likely to tell others than those who experience good customer service. A satisfied customer might give one or two recommendations, while an unhappy one will post poor reviews and troll online, discuss the experience with a dozen or more people, and take you down.

This is why keeping bad experiences to an absolute minimum is paramount to a successful business. There is always room for improvement and small changes in customer service goes a long way. Practices as simple as using a pleasant tone of voice or addressing the customer by name have the ability to make a great impression in a customer’s mind. Here are a few simple ways you can improve your company’s customer service, so that you’re the talk of the town! (Guest Post)

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Positive Thinking is a Catalyst of Productivity and Success

According to an APA PsycNet article, positive emotions contribute to the increase in a person’s transitory thought-action reserve, which conversely boost a person’s social, intellectual and physical capital. Managers exploring ways to upgrade the productivity of their employees should examine the attitude and temperament of their employees.
A negative or positive attitude influences an employee’s performance on the job, and can even have a contagion effect on other employees. Generally, thinking positively will have a beneficial consequence on productivity, whilst the opposite is also true. (Guest Post)

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