7 Words For Entrepreneurs That Can Do Magic In Negotiations

Prospective entrepreneurs are being taught many useful things in the course of a business preparedness or MBA program. However, nobody teaches them about negotiations. Ergo, entrepreneurs end up dreading negotiations because of a core premise that they’re adversarial. To some extent, they are; however, it doesn’t have to be that way since the very act of doing business with someone is in fact a partnership. Negotiation can be a brilliant activity that fosters a sense of adversity when it is done poorly. Here are 7 negotiation words for entrepreneurs to help them win in business. (Guest Post) Continue reading 7 Words For Entrepreneurs That Can Do Magic In Negotiations

Necessary Negotiation Tips For Every Small Business Owner

Let’s assume you’ve decided to start a new business. What do you need to get things moving? Apart from an office space and a well-thought business plan, you must have good negotiation skills to succeed in today’s rather challenging business environment. For some people, negotiation is art while for others it’s just a skill that needs to be polished and used accordingly. What can fruitful negotiation skills do your business? For starters, it can help you grow a solid network by building relationships with vendors, clients, and employees. Simply put, it helps make way for promising business opportunities. Let’s analyze some really cool negotiation tips every business owner should have to attain success. (Guest Post)

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Tips to Enhance Sales Effectiveness

All the coolest things in the world could be invented tomorrow, but no one would know about them without salespeople. If you want to share the next big thing with more potential customers, try these tips to step up your game. (Guest Post)

Know your client

Understanding your customer means more sales in the long run, so take the time to know what’s important to them. If you have a working knowledge of their business, what they wish for in a product or service and what holds them back, you’ll be able to tailor your pitch and product to meet their exact needs. It’s also important to know something about them on a personal level; some people will automatically say ‘no’ if they feel rushed or pressured on a sales decision, while others want to accomplish as much and as soon as possible. Asking questions like “When would you like me to follow up with you on this?” puts the power into the client’s hands and makes them feel more comfortable.
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Customer Services That Can Help Your Small Business Achieve Success

Getting your small business off the ground and running takes a lot of hard work, and the last thing you need is any loss of business due to substandard customer service. The customer services offered through your company should not only attract customers, they should keep current ones happy, and satisfy the customers who aren’t.
This isn’t always easy, but if you learn to take the bad with the good, and aim to make the most out of every interaction with your customers, your small business will be one step closer to success. These three tips highlight different customer services your small business should offer to keep those customers coming back again and again. (Guest post)

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The lost Art of Listening

We learn how to speak, write and respond early on, but often the art of listening is left by the wayside.
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