The 8 Best Sales Tools that You Should Start Using ASAP

Sales tools have always played a major role in simplifying and strengthening the sales cycle. But, the success of the sales cycle lies in selecting the right tool that can transform your sales process.

Yet, it is not easy to select the right tool.

A tool can look great at a first go, but then turns out to be messy when you start using it. So, you need to weigh in every tool based on several parameters to ensure that you make the right decision.

Because we know that finding a good sales tool involves a ton of research and takes time, we have hand-picked the top eight tools that could help you and your team crush sales quota in 2016 to simplify your search.


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 ONDiGO is a sales automation tool which syncs your Inbox, Calendar and phone call into your CRM and provides you with sales best practice based on your own data.

  • Saves your incoming and outgoing emails (gmail/outlook/exchange) to your CRM (Salesforce/Microsoft Dynamics/SAP etc.).
  • Saves your incoming and outgoing calls and text messages to your CRM.
  • A daily report based on your ongoing deals, planned meetings and last interactions.
  • Manager-level report with insights on team’s pipeline status and progress.
  • Team-based analytics and best practices for VP sales and Sales admins.


  • Fully automated data entry – saves time and energy.
  • Helps you/your sales team meet any quota.
  • Best practices based on your own data and not just industry standards.

Cons: It’s hard for us to say, but your feedback will be much appreciated.

Pricing: Free to $119 for Enterprise Plan with advanced features and customization.

Link to site

#2 Rapportive
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Overview: This is a free Gmail add-on that helps you find contact information right in your inbox.


  • View and connect with prospects on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, the Facebook and Twitter information should be available on the prospect’s LinkedIn profile.
  • View profile images, locations, and work profiles as they are updated on LinkedIn.


  • Helps you establish a rapport.
  • Helps you grow network.
  • Validates emails.

Cons: Limited to Gmail users only.

Pricing: Free

Link to their website

#3 Email Hunter

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Overview: Email Hunter helps you find and verify email addresses of any professionals.


  • Find the email address from any website by searching the first name, last name, and domain name.
  • Find all the email addresses of a domain by simply keying in the domain name.
  • Find a target’s email address without leaving LinkedIn.
  • Find an email address directly from Google Sheet.
  • Verify an email address.


  • Only charges for verified emails.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Effective and accurate.


  • Sometimes, it does not generate the desired results. However, this could be because the email you are looking for is not available as much on the internet.

Pricing: Free to $199 depends on number of team members and requests.

Link to their website

#4 Boomerang

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Overview: This tool helps you schedule automatic Gmail messages to send or return in the future.


  • Schedule email reminders right from your Gmail inbox.
  • Read receipt feature that enables you to track whether your email was read or opened.
  • Schedule recurring emails from your inbox.
  • Automate email follow-up to track important email threads.
  • Response tracking feature to remind you to follow-up on an email after receiving no response.Pros:
  •  Saves time.
  • Strengthens the lead nurturing process.
  • Is useful to communicate with team members who are situated at different locations and even in different time zones.

Cons: Limited to Gmail users only.

Pricing: Free to $49.99 per month, with unlimited message credits.

Link to their website

#5 TinderBox

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Overview: This is a cloud-based sales productivity tool that helps you improve the way you create and deliver sales proposals, contracts, and presentations.


  • Offers real-time analytics to identify the person opening, viewing, and interacting with your sales materials.
  • Helps you create sales proposal, presentations, and contracts directly from CRM.
  • Integrates with popular CRM and contract tools, such as Salesforce and DocuSign.
  • Mobile compatible.


  • Makes it easy to create and personalize presentations.
  • Good customer support.

Cons: It can be challenging at times to customize a document completely or to create a unique document.

Pricing: Not available on website.

Link to their website

#6 SideKick

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Overview: SideKick gives you powerful insight into your contacts right in your inbox.


  • Schedule emails with time zone support.
  • Has ready-made email templates.
  • Supports Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, and Salesforce.
  • Automatic notifications when someone opens or clicks on your emails and indicates how many times they are opened.
  • Provides important information about the recipient, such as social media content, past contact history, and mutual connections, right in your inbox.
  • Helps you find warm introductions for the right people.


  • Helps you stay hyper-connected with your most important contacts.
  • Increases your email productivity.
  • The Windows version has a few glitches.
  • Does not work with Microsoft Office 365.

Pricing: Free to $50 depends on number of documents and email templates.

Link to their website


Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.56.04 PM

Overview: This is a screen sharing tool that helps you meet people and businesses online.


  • Provides free audio-conferencing.
  • Allows you to join a meeting with a single touch from an Apple Watch.
  • Records meetings.
  • Allows for one-click scheduling with the scheduler or directly in Google Calendar or Outlook.
  • Allows you to swap the presenter.
  • Provides a custom link for presentations.
  • Integrates with Salesforce.


  • Runs on a secure platform.
  • Has an intuitive interface.
  • The admin user interface is not good for enterprise licenses.
  • It does not time-out automatically, if a meeting is inactive for a long time.

Pricing: The to $25 per user for the Enterprise plan, with advanced management capabilities.

Link to their website


Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.00.01 PM

Overview: provides you with rich analytics for the documents or sales materials that you send.


  • Offers real-time document open notifications.
  • Offers page views engagement tracking.
  • Provides event tracking, including downloads and link clicks.
  • Offers device and location tracking.
  • Provides analytics with engagement and drop-off reports.
  • Enables custom branding.
  • Allows you to view profile insights to find out what your lead is interested in and how interested he or she is.


  • Helps you get real-time feedback on your sales opportunities.
  • Helps you understand your clients better to offer better services.
  • Minimizes the sales cycle and increases the hit rate.

Pricing: Free to $30 per user for the Business plan, with unlimited documents and advanced features.

Link to their website


So, what is your favorite sales tool? Have you explored any of the above mentioned tools before? Please

Leave your comments below and thanks for reading!



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