The Fastest Way to add New Salesforce LEADS or CONTACTS

Hi guys, you have to check this out!
We’ve just released our Slack Bot for Salesforce.

Watch the video below to see the bot in action.

Main features:

( Many more to come – Feel free to suggest more)

  • Find anyone’s contact information directly from Slack (think Rapportive for Slack).

  • Create a new Salesforce lead or a contact in seconds, without ever leaving Slack.
  • Salesforce leads and contacts are auto-populated with contact details, upon creation.
  • Get business briefings about people you meet, minutes before a meeting.
  • Have your Salesforce tasks sent over every morning to stay on top of your pipeline.

Use the following link to add it to your Slack:


And if you’ve read so far, we could really use your help!
We’re participating in the Aleph Bot Competition.

Help pick the winner of the Aleph Bot Challenge (pick us, pick us 😉 ) by participating using the following link:


The ONDiGO team

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Ohad Oren

Ohad Oren is Co-Founder and COO of ONDiGO. Prior to ONDiGO he Co-founded several start-ups. Ohad has years of experience in Sales and Business Management. You can follow him on twitter on @OrenOhad

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