The Future of Sales Automation

Have people in your team started using mobile devices regularly for monitoring sales, collecting customer data or preparing sales plans?

If not, then you are probably yet to participate in the ongoing technology revolution.

The activities mentioned above might sound basic, but, if you could automate those tasks, it will increase your sales productivity by a wide margin.

The ultimate aim is to make more profits for your enterprise and this will happen if you are able to save time through automating basic tasks and bringing more sales for your business.

Clearly, sales automation is the way forward!

Sales automation is not so much about replacing sales jobs at your company. It is rather more about using technology to improve the efficiency of the routine and repetitive tasks that your team may be doing.

In this age of big data, you need to make use of so much information available to your business. And the best way to do this is through automation.

So, in this article, we check out what lies ahead for sales automation and how you can implement it fully for better sales productivity for your enterprise!

The Future of Sales AutomationAugmented_reality_-_heads_up_display_concept

Below, we discuss some of the useful tips for sales automation that you can expect businesses to implement in the future to effectively leverage the benefits of this technology.

Having a Website Will Become Common

As a sales professional, your main aim is to sell to customers and generate profitable revenue for your company.

In this age of the eCommerce revolution, you would have realized the immense reach that an online website that sells products or services is able to achieve.

For example, consider the amazing platform provided by Amazon for sellers. Various merchants are able to directly sell to customers without any sales people.

Another crucial example is the Alibaba website for wholesalers that can sell directly to all types of sellers.

Such website interfaces help you enjoy a global reach and allow customers to buy from anywhere.

However, this is not to say that you should only depend on your website for sales and completely remove the human element.

Most customers (individuals and enterprises) prefer to have a customized buying experience.

For example, they would not want to go through a long list of FAQs or wait for responses on the forums for any of their product-related queries.

For more conversions (especially with enterprise buying), it is thus critical that you answer them or offer them solutions quickly.

For this purpose, a human touch will always be required. After all, a human-to-human interaction is bound to sort out any doubts and queries with more clarity compared to a human-to-machine interaction.

In a nutshell, your business is likely to increase its online presence through a fully functional website in the future that will give your customers easy access to information about your products and services in various formats.

However, the website will not completely replace the personal human touch and will rather co-exist with it.

Sales on the Move


With smartphones and smart devices at your disposal, the future will indeed be smart.

Smartphones will not just be used for meaningful conversations with your prospects, and also be used to offer information about your business through various platforms, such as your company website and social media.

In addition, the most common way in which any new prospect or existing customer is likely to check your website or Facebook page is via his or her smartphone or tablet.

So, you will have to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly so that it can be easily viewed on different display screens of varied sizes.

Such an adoption of your website for mobile platforms will help you increase your customer base in the future. Your customers will start engaging in various ongoing discussions on your social media pages or blog.

You will also witness your prospects checking out product reviews and comments from your existing customers. All this will be enabled by your business being willing to exhibit transparency and openness via instant feedback.

Using the Enormous Customer Data 

You would have heard about the rise of big data. Well, if you are not already using it to your advantage, then you will definitely start doing so in the future!

There is a vast amount of customer data available to your business and this data will continue to grow. Of course, you would already be using this customer database to contact them for new products or services that your company may be launching.

But, have you thought of any other innovative ways to leverage more out of this big data?

Well, there will be a growing need in the future to do so in order to stay ahead of the competition.

For example, there will be increased usage of automated reminders for customers whose service or product warranty expires.

Generally, very few customers remember the expiry date and your business could start taking advantage of this fact. Reminders will be sent to them well in advance along with attractive offers to increase the chances of a renewal from all your customers.

The same could also be implemented for a time-period limited subscription to your enterprise services. Everyone likes to get some special benefits and if you start offering them to your existing customers with timely reminders, there is a strong likelihood that you will get more repeat customers.

This trend of using customer data for various tasks is thus likely to gather pace in future!

Leveraging More out of Cloud Computing6540022743_1f465b3120_b

Even though it may be early days for your enterprise in terms of the cloud environment, the future will clearly be based on the automation of various tasks related to the cloud.

Everyone is going to move to the cloud in the future (with additional provisions for on-premises activities), and you will do the same (if your business has not done so already).

Sales teams of various businesses will start focusing more on workflow automation and automation of cloud-based activities. This will be done to save plenty of time, which could then be spent on the main task of any sales professional: to sell.

Sooner or later, your business will also have to start learning about ways to automate and hire a cloud expert, if required. This will help you be ready for the future, where cloud computing is going to be the norm everywhere.

By now, you would have realized that it is important to maintain the right balance between technology and human talent to have a bright future for sales automation.

We hope that the information shared here empowers your sales team to carve out a master plan for improved sales for your enterprise in the future. Do you have any questions or points to add here?


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