Tips to Enhance Sales Effectiveness

All the coolest things in the world could be invented tomorrow, but no one would know about them without salespeople. If you want to share the next big thing with more potential customers, try these tips to step up your game. (Guest Post)

Know your client

Understanding your customer means more sales in the long run, so take the time to know what’s important to them. If you have a working knowledge of their business, what they wish for in a product or service and what holds them back, you’ll be able to tailor your pitch and product to meet their exact needs. It’s also important to know something about them on a personal level; some people will automatically say ‘no’ if they feel rushed or pressured on a sales decision, while others want to accomplish as much and as soon as possible. Asking questions like “When would you like me to follow up with you on this?” puts the power into the client’s hands and makes them feel more comfortable.
Be available whenever your customer needs you, whether you text, Skype or e-mail them.

Make it easy

Nothing’s more frustrating than a lack of communication. Give your customer plenty of ways to contact you, and check with them to see which one they prefer. Some clients rely on texts, others depend on e-mails or online chats, and many still prefer phone calls. No matter how you communicate, whenever someone contacts you with a question or comment, respond immediately and provide the best, clearest answers possible. While customer communication can be an overwhelming part of the job, there are ways to make time work for you and stay organized so you can keep clients satisfied.
Satisfy that appetite with bite-size goals and your bottom line will be satisfied.

Break things down

Simplify your selling strategy. What do you know best, and where are you most effective in your sales? Focus on those points, because passion and knowledge pay back the greatest returns. According to David Ning, simplicity works best when you’re aiming to meet a goal. Break those sales goals into smaller, easier deadlines by day, week, or month and you’ll be able to track where you succeed and where you could do better.

Understand your team

Whether you’re a manager or part of a sales team, get to know each person on your team. If you understand what motivates each member and what type of sales they excel at, you and the rest of the team can work together for maximum benefits. Some team members are better at customer retention, while others are masters of the cold call. When everyone does the job they enjoy, the entire team benefits.

When it comes to customers or team members, paying attention to the details of behavior, personality and environment can have the greatest effect on your sales figures. Knowing what’s important to each person is one of the best tools a salesperson can have.

Beth Bartlett writes about business,travel and pop culture for a number of publications.

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